SuperAosp 8.0 RC2 for Motorola XT502 [REVIEW]

I generally don’t write reviews on release candidates. However, after having abysmally bad experiences with CyanogenMod’s (CM7) so-called stable ROMs, I’m urged to write about this release candidate 2 from CML (the SuperAosp guy!). If you have read about how CM7 was made slightly better by the battery and memory fix mod provided by CML, then this post will be of interest to you.

So, downloaded the ROM from here, installed and tested… (changelog for your reference)

Note: This is not a .nb0 package! You have to install it using ROM Manager. If you install directly, you might face IMEI and no signal issues. The best way is to download a .nb0 version (just download the one from here), flash using SUTLR and then install this RC2 via ROM Manager. If you already have a CM7 ROM, you can install directly using ROM Manager. Use the comment section for any queries on this procedure.

  1. This is not a .nb0 package – I ‘ve never liked installing via ROM Manager
  2. This RC is highly stable when compared to the actual stable versions from CyanogenMod – ain’t this ironic?
  3. Absolutely no reboots or system freezes for the past 3 days – Wow!
  4. Excellent battery life – as good as the Phantom and Firetrap family of ROMs
  5. No annoying ‘SD card unexpectedly removed’ error message – super!
  6. Functional automatic brightness – but has got a lot of room for improvement; still should be a little faster than it is now
  7. 100% working USB tethering – brilliant!
  8. Quadrant score: 790


  1. Buggy ADW launcher – this has got nothing to do with the ROM. I use Go Launcher now
  2. When the DSP Manager is enabled, the audio skips/drags intermittently – quite annoying!

What I think is – this could as well be released as a stable ROM. At least this will lessen the pain of Android enthusiasts installing buggy CM7 ROMs. What say you?

Try this RC2 ROM out, and let me know your comments.


  1. neoht

    Greetings I have the same problem in my motorola xt502 I can not put you in a memory of 8 GB because they do not recognize, I’m with a 2GB memory that lucky if I qualify, I hope you solve this problem soon with a new rom. or the version android 2.3.4 in cyanogen 7.1

  2. Argh. I really like this ROM, but I can’t get any signal on my phone! So sad. I tried again a couple times this morning, following your directions to the letter, but still, no go. I’ve tried several releases of this ROM, but they all have the same problem. 

    I really appreciate your helpful blog, and wonder if you have any suggestions for me. Either way, I’m glad it works for you 🙂 

    • Dru! Sad it doesn’t work for you. i’m sure your problem is quite simple. Did you, by any chance, install this ROM over Phantom? I remember you were using Phantom.

      Did you read my little ‘NOTE’ in the post? May be I wasn’t very clear. If the answer to my first question is YES, then you have to grab a .nb0 version of CM7 (have included the link in the NOTE itself), flash it. Reboot the phone, install ClockworkMod recovery. Reboot in recovery, and then apply this RC2 ROM from SD card. Let me know if this still doesn’t help you.

      • Oh, I wish it were that easy! I had been using Phantom, so I did make sure to flash the CM7 .nbo, and then install the ClockworkMod and RC2 of SuperAOSP from from the Rom Manager. Still no go–the WiFi works, the cell phone signal and 3g do not. (It’s not airplane mode, it just acts like there’s absolutely no signal.)

        I like flashing ROMs and do it a couple times a week (at least). Though some of the ROMs I’ve tried haven’t worked well at all, none of them but the SuperAOSP/SuperBler have this problem. Again, it makes me wonder if it’s a regional thing with Thailand or my SIM card. 

        Thanks anyhow–any more ideas? 

        • Ah, this is bad. Is the signal thingy white or grey? When I first installed CM7, even I thought the signal wasn’t coming up – coz it was white. Later I discovered that when the signal quality is very good, it turns green and when so-so, it’s in white. May be it takes some time for the signal to catch up – for me it took 63 seconds to get a signal! Or, may be this ROM doesn’t suit your phone 🙂 Let’s wait for the best. I’m hoping for the ultimate from Phantom!

          • tarun

             in my cell network is always white it turns green only when i connect to internet via wifi 3g or edge so it does not depends on the cell signal being good or bad (i think as my network strength is always good at least in my home adn my cell also shows full bars)
            i think green sign shows that we are connected to google servers

          • Well, I don’t know if this is the case… If you go to phone information and look for signal strength, there is a pretty good variation when and when not green. I’m not connected to any network now, but the signal is green 🙂

        •  Try to flash it with Apanda or Boston nb0. And the install the SuperAOSP from your SD. Remember that you should not activate the APP2SD on your first reboot.

          • Hey guys–thanks for the input! I did what Arnold suggested, going back to the 2.2 Foxconn ROM  Finally, I installed SuperAOSP 8.0 and the kernel update, by rebooting into recovery. (This step is a pain, because my camera button doesn’t work, so I have to do it from either Rom Manager, or a CM ROM.)

            Eureka! I have cell signal, stability, a nice-looking interface, and all the indispensable features that CyanMod offers. The Wifi is a bit spotty at times, but I don’t mind that in exchange for the great features. If anyone else has this problem, let me know, and I can provide more details, and hopefully, pass on the help you all gave. 

          • Finally, you’ve got Gingerbread 2.3.4!

      • tarun

         i dont think that one cant flash this rom over phatnom as i did it twice in fact all gingerbread roms i have flashed over phantom
        although it is least probable dru lattin check that your imei is not lost
        if it has, then flash official 2.1 rom and over it you can flash and will get your signal
        if you have xt502 then you can get its official 2.1 rom

  3. tarun

    this rom has wifi issues
    i am using this rom for four days now
    everything works great except a few things
    1)wifi is very poor and unpredictable. Sometimes it connects and sometimes it doesnt
    2)3d graphics are better than rc1 but not as good as phantom

    • Well, I don’t have wi-fi issues with this ROM. Infact, I think this is the only ROM which is giving me uninterrupted youtube viewing – most other ROMs will happily restart the phone when I’m on youtube for more than 5-10 mins. What phone do you have? Mine is a Motorola XT502.

      • tarun

         i too have motorola xt502
        and this rom faces problems with wpa2-psk access point
        many other users on diff blogs have verified that and it has been conveyed to cml

  4. I’m using Cherry Mobile NOVA and when I install several apps the  WIFI is unpredictable. I will try to connect to linksys wifi and send another comment later.

  5. Sid

    I have vibo A688. I don’t have wi-fi issues with this ROM, too. I think it better than CM7
    but I have a trouble. 
    When I use CamCard to shoot a image, the camera will lost connection,  neither CM7 or SuperAosp. It only happen in android 2.3.4.

  6. Kristjaceksoh

    I just LOVE this rom… charged it up to 100% and calibrated the battery, and now 3 hours later it has not dropped a single percent! Batt life is better then phantom… sry phantom. However, wifi slightly weaker, but still very strong with a good signal. Perhaps it’s cos i use WAP type wifi. No problem with camera for me, no problem with anything else. My ADW launcher is not that bad either. It’s an awesome rom and everyone ought to try it!

  7. Anshuman

    Shit !! I flashed my phone with this phone DIRECTLY .. And then expectedly ran into No Signal and blank IMEI .

    What is the  way out of this problem  ? I have tried flashing and reflashing from ROM Manager . Also i tried other Custom ROMS but still doesnt help ..

    • What ROM where you using before? If you did flash directly from Froyo, I’m not surprised why you’re getting blank IMEI. Search for an original Foxconn 2.1 ROM, install it. Then flash android 2.3.

      • Anshuman

        I was using a CM7 ROM .You mentioned that i could directly flash using ROM Manager . Flashed with this twice and got IMEI issues. Any suggestions as to where i am going wrong . 

        Back on Stock 2.1 for now . Really needed an alternative to the CM7 ROM …. 


        • Well, if you were using CM7 and tried to flash SuperAOSP RC2, I don’t think you’ll have IMEI issue – your case is quite strange. Now that you’re on stock 2.1, did you try flashing now? I observed, after flashing RC2, it takes quite sometime to give the signal status. Anyways, just give one more try. Else, wait for the RC3 this weekend!

  8. Amit Ranjan

    I flashed my XT502 ROM with JellyBean nbo, provided at ubiquitense. Now i have downloaded the super aosp. When I try to Install via rom manager , if fails. Even if I use recovery mode then nothing happens. What will be the possible cause. If try to undo root the phone using universal androot, it says its still rooted. 
    Please help i would like to upgrade to super aosp. If it comes in nbo package then it would be great. 

    Please reply ASAP.

  9. Hi dude
    Good post. Unfortunately the part about it not being an .nbo is not so clear. What I understood was that u it’s not an nbo and u need to install using ROM Manager. Which I did and ended up with the IMEI issue.

    You should mention that if you are coming from stock or and 2.1 ROM, u need to flash the CM7 nbo or Foxcom nbo before flashing this ROM using ROM Manager.

    • Hmm, agreed. Certainly not good at writing for complete noobies. Will keep this in mind when writing my next ‘how-to’. Thanks for pointing this out!

  10. Joel Rhine

    is this rom best for motorola xt502?…because i already have fire trap twonights running right now….on my phonewhich i downloaded from here…
    i use xt502…thanks

  11. Joel Rhine

    please mannn i need ur help really bad………i have fire trap twonights running on my phone….then i installed spb shell 3d…….then wen i saw my phone today….its just loading (the green mist circling around the android right after the phone starts) please give me a solution 

    please please

    • Joel Rhine

      ive deleated my default launcher…….i know im in deep shit……please help me out

    • Do a full wipe and install phantom ROM using Sutlr. Then install the superOSR rom via ROM manager. Check my blog for tutorials on how to install via sutlr and rom manager.

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