Tata Photon+ broadband service – speed test

tata photon+ product of the year

Before reading this post, please visit Tata Photon’s home page. You will see the image pasted below flashing every other second…

tata-photon+-product-of-the-year Tata Photon+ broadband service - speed test

The award has been given by one of the reputed names in the analytics industry – Nielsen! The moment I saw this, I was slightly convinced that this product should perform relatively better than most other products in the market. I planned to give this a try. Called up the Tata marketing guys, and asked for the demo – 8 days ago. Finally, I got this curvy dongle today. Super fast service!

Installed the software, fired up the program, connected! Tested multiple times in 2 locations in Chennai – city (Guindy) and suburb (Urapakkam). Just check the following screenshots.

Tata Photon+ speed in the city – tested between 3 p.m – 5 p.m

tataphoton+cityspeed Tata Photon+ broadband service - speed test

Tata Photon+ speed in the suburb – tested between 8 p.m – 10 p.m

tataphoton+suburbspeed Tata Photon+ broadband service - speed testWell, the product of the year is not even capable of touching the minimum broadband speed! For this the company expects a rental of Rs 1500 for 90 days, and for a miniscule 6GB data usage! Ain’t this in other words known as crap?

It’s just plain bad that I’m not gonna be a part of Tata Photon’s elite customers – anytime soon.

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  1. Anonymous

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  2. Deepak Jadhav

    well well this is a real product of the year GIVES DOWNLOAD SPEEDS OF 14 -18 KPBS MAX DURING NON PEAK TIMES in peak hours it simply does not connect hardly 40 kms away from mumbai that is kalyan I whole heartedly recommend it for “global” product of the year are you listening Tata guys ?

  3. nand singh

    no speed

  4. monica pleser check your computer my message

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