The Android has become something that has continued to creep into the market and slowly take a presence with mobile phone consumers. There are so many to choose from. It appears to be a new makeover for the Android every could of months. Consumers are eagerly waiting to see what is next. The following presents a couple of things that have been used to promote the current iPhones.

Android mobile phones

The New Operating System

Now that Jellybean has arrived consumers are trying to figure out what it actually does that is so different from Apple. Much of the hoopla may be associated with the things like the push notifications and the different type of app platforms that are associated with Jellybean.

Apparently users that have certain Android phones like the Nexus by Google can implement the virtual credit card. This has been advertised as something that allows consumers to leave their wallets at home because all that they need can be stored in the phone. Some people think this is a little bit much, but there are consumers that are fans of this type of technological innovation.

Push Notifications and Battery Life

The other big thing that is getting a lot of people excited about the latest Androids is the push notifications. The marketplace will have smarter apps that will make push notifications much easier. This is will actually use a lot less battery life and every phone user loves this. The push notifications are always more descriptive if people want to use this. They can expand and close the notification in a matter of seconds. The entire app doesn’t have to be opened to do this.

Every time that an Android is released there is always a comment on battery life for the phones. This has become the common thing that consumers just expect to see. It’s very regular to find this type increased battery life on a phone that is new. The newer Androids can get up to 12 hours of battery life, but this often involves turning off some things.

The Voice Search Feature

In order to compete with Apple, Android developers knew that they would have to incorporate something big. The voice search feature is somewhat late compared to the heavy media exposure of Apple’s Siri voice command feature. It’s a great feature, but it clearly falls short of the promotion that was already in place by Apple.

The Overcrowded Market of New Androids

The obscure thing about Android phones is that there is more than competition from Apple. It is true that the smartphone war is mostly Apple vs. [all] Androids, but Android phones are not one big happy family. To the contrary, there are lots of Android phones between different vendors.

The HTC phones, for example, have created some Androids with superior operating systems. This has been a great device for people that want the clearest sound. The Beats By Dre enhanced smart phones compete with other Androids with bigger screens, slimmer designs, and more memory.

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