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Top 5 Froyo ROMs for Motorola XT502

I have tried and tested quite a few Android 2.2.1 (Froyo) ROMs, and I’m listing the top 5 in this post. I have selected these based on the criteria – overall performance, stability, number of bugs, battery life and speed.

Note: These ROMs are suited for Commtiva Z71 variants (Spice MI-300, Boston, Apanda A60, Motorola XT3/XT5/XT502, etc). I’m not responsible if you end up messing up your phone. Rooting and installation of custom ROM voids your phone’s warranty.

5. The original (unmodified) CyanogenMod ROM

ROM name:

Download links: ROM and Google Addon (MDPI)

General comments: Acceptable performance

Issues: Camera not working (solved, but not in one shot), pathetic battery life. Average stability.

More info on this ROM and other updates

4. SuperBler v4

ROM name:

Download link:

General comments: The current version is 4.1. After trying both v4 and v4.1, I can say that the former was less buggy than the latter. So, just in this case, the latest version is not the best. Having said that, the base is CyanogenMod, but the speed, battery life and overall performance was way better than the original CyanogenMod. Above average stability.

Issues: English translation not very good, you must be careful not to overclock your processor – don’t get it fried! Also, takes a lifetime to boot.

More info… (use Google Translate)

3. Official Foxconn ROM

ROM name: Official Foxconn ROM

Download link: F0X-3260-0-0002-A01.rar

General comments: This looks like a slightly enhanced version of the stock Android 2.1 ROM’s interface. Good battery life, stock recovery, pretty good performance. Very good stability.

Issues: Never liked the contacts/call log functionality

More info…

2. Official Apanda A60 ROM

ROM name: Official Apanda A60 2.2 ROM

Download link: Official Apanda A60 ROM

General comments: This is as similar as the aforementioned ‘Official Foxconn ROM‘, but with really good battery life. Performance was very good, with very little lag when moving across menus/screens. Very good stability.

Issues: Never liked the contacts/call log functionality

More info…

1. Firetrap TwoNights 2.2.1

ROM name: Firetrap TwoNights 2.2.1

Download link: Firetrap TwoNights 2.2.1

General comments: Excellent battery life, good animation features, very good performance (negligible lag between menus/screens), enhanced recovery (includes SD partitioning features and Apps2SD). Very good stability.

Issues: Restarted once (just once) during a call; didn’t see a repeat of this problem yet

More info…

The Firetrap ROM is worth hanging on to until we get a stable version of Gingerbread (Android 2.3)

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section. Have fun with your favorite ROM!

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