Gone are the days when jobs lasted through retirement.  In this high-speed era, employees come and go, climbing and jumping between ladders for something better.  Whether you’re currently unemployed or hunting for your dream job, your iPhone or Android can help you along the way.  Smart devices and tablets let you search for jobs on the go, and even the busiest job hunters will find the following apps useful.


This is the place to begin your job search (and luckily, it’s free on iTunes and Google Play).  With a simple and user-friendly UI, JobMo uses Google Maps to locate jobs and lets you compare salaries as well as snag interview tips from JobMo and other users.  You can even send in your application from your tablet.

Job Compass

If you’re looking for jobs within a specific zip code—whether it’s your current address or a future one—Job Compass lets you refine your search geographically.  It’s free via iTunes.

Jobs You’ll Love

This Android app lets you search for the perfect job by refining your preferences just a little more than most other apps.  You can like, dislike, share, and save positions, and the app will recommend others according to your actions.

If you’re an iPhone user, try out Indeed.com’s mobile app, Job Search.  Its functions are similar to Jobs You’ll Love and Job Search gets 1.5 billion job searches monthly.


Not ready for a long-term position?  Trying to convince other employers that you’re worth their time and money?  Try Gigwalk, where you can search temporary jobs varying in pay from $6 to several hundred.  What’s best about this app is that businesses with Gigwalk profiles can write reviews on your performance and spread your name around other networks, thereby helping you to your next position.

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This app uses your LinkedIn account to find contacts in your industry who are close to your location.  When you find said contact, you can grab lunch (hence, LunchMeet) and expand your network or discuss job opportunities.

Interview Prep Questions

Stop dreading the interview and prep with this free app on iPhone or Android.  It personalizes questions for your industry, qualifications, and background, and will even give you hints when you’re stuck.


Finally, it’s time for the interview.  Busy employers and future employees alike will find this video interviewing platform convenient; it lets employers provide questions via text that applicants can respond to in short videos.  Employers can then watch the videos anywhere, any time of day.  This app is free on iTunes.

Carlina Yepinski is the primary researcher and writer for networkmonitoring.org. Her most recent accomplishments includes graduating from Kentucky State with a degree in communications and computer science. Her current focus for the site involves network traffic analyzer.