txtWeb’s Developer Market Place can help aspiring app developers amongst you with an opportunity to build apps.

txtWeb SMS apps developer marketplace

What is txtWeb’s Developer Market Place? How does it work?

The aim of txtWeb’s Developer Market Place is to connect businesses and developers — this ‘market place’ will publish ‘projects’ that txtWeb wants to build on the platform. Every project will have a deadline and developers will need to “bid” for the project before the deadline to be eligible to build the app. Once bids are received for a particular project, the txtWeb team shall decide the right candidate to build the project. This will be on the basis of the form filled out by the developer and the type of project to be built. Once the selection is confirmed, a txtWeb team-member will be in constant touch with the developer to guide and ensure the app is built.

The list of projects will be refreshed every week. Needless to mention that there are enough projects in the pipeline and everybody can have a portion of the pie!!

This is a never-before opportunity for developers since she/he will

  • Get an opportunity to build a premium app that would be used by businesses/txtWeb on the platform.
  • Get txtWeb team’s support to promote the app.
  • Be featured in txtWeb’s “Premium” developers” on the Developer Market Place page.
  • Get appropriately compensated for his/her efforts.

txtWeb, as a team, is committed towards building a vibrant developer community in India. The Developer Market Place is an attempt in that direction. The objective is inclusive, reaching out to aspiring developers and providing them with an opportunity to work on live txtWeb projects.

The Developer Market Place page can be accessed here – http://www.txtweb.com/marketplace-developers

txtWeb is a revolutionary platform where anyone with a mobile phone can discover and consume content/services by SMSing specific keywords to 9243342000.

The information sought can include Wikipedia content, local market prices, government programs, financial literacy tips etc. For publishers and developers, txtWeb is one of the fastest platforms to make content and services available to billions. Creating a txtSite takes only 5 minutes, while developing and deploying an SMS-based app on txtWeb usually takes about 5 hours.