HTC One X is a remarkable product of this decade. It is the smart phone with astonishing features. It is slate-sized with adorable gorilla screen. Many people like HTC One X for its simplicity and ease of use. One other hand, HTC One X is super fast with advanced features. Now, users can use efficient smart phone that is very easy to use.

HTC One x review

HTC One X Features

First good thing about HTC One X is that it is very light. It holds the size of 5.8” X 2.75”.  It weighs around 138 grams. This means, you can easily keep them in your pocket and can travel along with them.  Females can set it any side of their purse. HTC One X really brings access and pleasure when you travel along with it.

HTC One X is very easy to use. If you are frustrated of complexity of your smart phone or any other phone, HTC One X is good news. It has too many features.  Each feature can be accessed easily and can be operated without difficulties. You can slide its whole content with very slight touch of your finger. This makes HTC One X very unique. It doesn’t require hard touch to the screen. You can easily fly fingers above screen and can have screens change.

HTC One X has wonderful 8 megapixel rear camera coming with the feature of auto focus, BSI sensor and smart LED flash, 28mm lens, F2.0 aperture, dedicated imaging chip and continue shooting. With continue shooting, it means that you can take many shoots at same time.  To take multiple shoots, you don’t have to do extra efforts. Just hold the shooting icon and take multiple shoots.  You can use multiple shoots when you are in a mood of taking many best shoot. You can take many at same time and can select the best one among them.

Moreover, it has 1080p HD video recording, video stabilization and the feature of video capturing in slow motion. Good thing about video recording of HTC One X is that you can take pictures while you are doing video chat or recording. So, you don’t have to stop recording for taking pictures, if you are enjoying your favorite event.  Moreover, it has front camera for recording and video chat as well. Its front camera has 1.3 megapixel front cameras.

Amazingly, HTC One X has 1024 MB RAM and 1.5 GHz quad-core ARM Cortex- A9. Its GPU is Nvidia ULP GeForce.  This can show that it has pretty good speed and processing capacity. It has 1800 mAh battery.

HTC One X is super fast. People can use it for making various tasks. It runs on Android Operating System. This means, all applications that can run on Android Operating System can run on HTC One X. It has SIM card tray and microphone jack at the top. Its volume control is on right. Also, it does have USB port for many purposes.

It has amazingly 32 GB of storage memory. 25 GB are available to the user from total 32 GB. It also reserves 2 GB for applications use. It has capability of receiving Internet through Wi-Fi Direct and Wi-Fi Hotspot.

Appealing Interface

Moreover, its user interface is adorable to users. You can change all setting by touch of finger. You can have music and can perform various research functions on HTC One X. You must go to your nearest phone dealer and check this HTC One X out. Once you will try it, you will definitely feel more productive and vast connected than before.

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