Windows Phone 8 news blips

Windows Phone app updates – Baconit and PayPal

Windows Phone 8 is selling like hot cakes, and this has kindled developer interests, both existing and new.

Baconit for Windows Phone 8 app update

Baconit, the popular Reddit app updated to version 2.5 – Well, this is for Windows Phone 8 (Windows Phone 7 users stuck with version 2.4.1) that brings new features like lockscreen notifications and wallpapers for subreddit, NFC support, updated live tiles for Windows Phone 8, high-resolution images, social sharing and a lot more.

PayPal updated to version 2.2: This is again Windows Phone 8 only (version 1.1 for Windows Phone 7), with wide tiles and fast app resume features.

PayPal for Windows Phone 8 app update

Good to see the Windows Phone app ecosystem improving.

[via Neowin | WPCentral]