Wipe battery stats – get 30% more battery life

improve android battery life

This is a quick, functional tip that helps you increase the battery life of your Android phone.

improve android  battery life

Before you start, you need to have the latest ClockworkMod recovery flashed to your phone – so, install ROM Manager from the market place.

Note: You can flash ROM Manager only after rooting your phone.

If your phone is a Commtiva Z71 variant running Firetrap JellyBean ROM, you don’t need to install ROM Manager.

Charge your phone’s battery to 100%

Reboot the phone in recovery mode, go to advanced, and click on wipe battery stats. Unplug. Use the phone until the battery drains and the phone switches off. Recharge again to 100%.

Note: Entering into recovery mode will vary from phone to phone. Consult your phone’s manual. If it’s a Commtiva Z71 variant (Motorola XT502, Orange Boston, Apanda A60, A88, etc.), you need to press and hold camera + volume up + power buttons.

You should now be seeing  a 30% (at least) increase in battery life, before it drains off completely. I repeat this process once every fortnight, and I get 2 full days of charge with fair internet usage over HSDPA, Wi-Fi, voice calls and SMS, on my Motorola XT502.


  1. Steve-23

    it’s posible to use root explorer or terminal emulator and delete the /data/system/batterystats.bin file

    • Well, I’ve not tried such a thing yet. However, you can reset battery stats by flashing clockwork recovery, reboot in recovery mode, go to advanced, and wipe battery stats!

  2. Yida_guapa

    does this way work in every rom wit rom manager?THX

    • Yes, it should! You’re just clearing up the battery stats, which can be done via root explorer too.

  3. TheAdmin

    You’re not actually gaining any better life doing this. What’s happening, is that android keeps track of previous timeframes in which it took for the battery to run down completely. It uses them to calculate the battery meter. Don’t confuse this with the amount of electricity left in the battery. The meter tries to follow it as best as it can, but it’s not a perfect representation. When you reset the battery stats, you’re telling android to start calculating over again how much battery life it’s stored, and ignore all prior information.

    • Your explanation is correct. But wiping battery stats do help in gaining some extra juice. I have tried and tested it numerous times, and it’s not a placebo effect.

  4. Israel

    It is indeed a placebo effect…either you like it or not…this simply doesnt work ->

  5. Greg

    Sort of a placebo. The thing is, every OS on the face of the earth does power management and ramps down usage as charge drains from the battery. So you should see a logarithmic roll off in battery charge over time. If the OS is not calibrated right, it won’t ramp down its demand art the right time, possibly too late. So while the battery chemically doesn’t change, the OS uses it more wisely. The side effect is your phone will start to lag as the OS power conservation will be noticeable sooner.

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