YouTube vs Television

In the age of social media, it seems that the gap between high earners on YouTube channels and high earners on television is swiftly closing. Lewis Brindley and Simon Lane make $6.7 million with their show BlueXephos, while Ashton Kutcher grosses $16.1 million every 23 episodes of Two and a Half Men. Closer to the bottom of the top five, the gap is even narrower with Toby Turner of TobyGames making $4.2 million, and Kate Walsh of Private Practice making $6.05 million every 22 episodes.

Television assumedly reaches many more people than does YouTube, with people continuing to turn on their television sets every night to catch their favorite shows. But now, with YouTube available streaming on many television sets, and the popularity of YouTube channels rising, it seems that television might have some competition. The gap between television stars and YouTube stars used to be astronomical, since YouTube was at one point far less monetized, and mainly for posting personal photos and videos.

Once businesses joined the game and earning potential from YouTube channels increased, the game changed, and now the gap is closing more and more quickly. Even with recent bugs and glitches in the YouTube monetization sector, YouTube is still fast becoming the new silver screen.


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