Now trying: Phantom Sky Revolution v1 Froyo ROM (Android 2.2.2) on my Motorola XT502 (XT3/XT5). Review coming up soon…


  1. Been using it for about 14 hours–very similar to the previous Phantom ROMS, but it seems a bit zippier yet! Very occasionally hangs up, but not more so than other ROMs–and much less than the CM ROMs. Wifi seems especially good in this ROM–strong and doesn’t drop easily.

    On the other hand, I sometimes have trouble going from WiFi to 3G–this is an ongoing problem with most ROMs on my A88, so it might be a regional thing. So far like it–when will they put in the power controls in the pull-down shade ala Cyanogen?

  2. Kristjaceksoh

    cool… i heard that they a developing a 2.3 rom.. phantom origins… waiting for it to come out. Phantom creates the best roms by far!

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