You Google something, and you get a set of results. You click on one of them, spend just 2 seconds and close the browser tab. That is, you simply bounce off that page. Bouncing off a web page could be for several reasons:

  1. Irrelevant content
  2. Very bad web design
  3. Bad typography that just wouldn’t let you read
  4. Slow page load time
  5. Intrusive advertisements and pop-up banner, and so on.

Lately, I’ve observed that I’m bouncing off pages for reason #5. Though the page has content relevant to what I was looking for, these ads just wouldn’t let me read the article. And damn! When you try to close an ad, you’re presented with a totally new tab with irrelevant information. I just hate these websites. Some examples below…

This page has the article relevant to what I was looking for, but for the ad on the lower left

bounce rate IBN Live

And, when I tried to close that damned ad, I get this…

bounce rate irrelevant adAnother example in another website… where’s the content?

bounce rate times of india

I understand the intent of placing ads — revenue! But what’s the use if it irritates the user? Statistically, even if these websites don’t record high bounce rates and lower time spent on site per user, the reality is, you’ll bounce of just to avoid those annoying ads if the content is not so important to be read here.