For so many times, finding a niche for a blog is the result of studying, and in some cases, imagination is an important factor. You can read specialized sites and blogs, you can attend workshops and stores, and you can gather information. The fashion niches are probably the most pleasant ones, but they are not suited for a technology geek, for example. This is why Google Insights can represent one of the best methods to create an interesting blog, and to have success with it since the first day.

1. Checking the number of searches

Google Insights allow you to play with numbers. You will have the possibility to check the number of searches on a relevant keyword, and to determine which the most popular ones are. You can exploit a keyword in a popular niche that is not so competitive, but which has a lot of potential. By default, the instrument offers extended results, so the trick is to use the filters and customizing features, with the purpose of finding the best words, based on areas and fields that are called micro-niches.

For example, “winter boots” seems like a great expression, but considering the fact that it has millions of searches, especially during the cold season, you might think about personalizing the word a little, therefore you can think about “perforated boots”, or “special winter boots”. Those are called long tails keywords, and they are perfect to find micro niches.

2. Check the success of keywords

Finding a good keyword is not enough, as you will also have to determine its potential, and this can also be done with this instrument. For example, if you see a keyword that is not so competitive, but which grows steadily from one month to the other, it might be the one for you. On the other hand, its increasing popularity might be given by the fact that a good website invests in the keyword.

3. Determining tendencies

Google Insights is an advanced instrument that will allow you to determine which objects and trends are becoming popular. For example, let’s take fashion. If the tendency for the last year was animal printing, you can determine if this tendency remains the same for this year, by finding the number of searches on this keyword. This way, you can determine which the most interesting niche is, and what tendencies would be interesting for the next years.

4. Finding domains

Another interesting feature of Google Insights is the possibility to find free domains. Sure, you might think that you can use other instruments, but this one is really effective and fast. The tool will also tell you where to buy the domain from and with what prices.

5. Starting the blog

As soon as you have the domain and keywords established, you can easily start the blog using Google insights. Of course, you can continue to use this tool to determine the efficiency of the blog, and to establish the future development directions. With Google Insights, you will determine the exact number of visitors, and you will have access to a large number of performance reports.

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