Barista iPhone application is considered as one of the hottest iPhone Touch app in culinary circles. This little app has carried accolades in almost every major paper and online publication. Apple promoted it with full-page spreads in The Wall Street Journal and Time magazine as they knew it was sure to take off, in which it did.

barista coffee iphone app

Coffee drinkers everywhere are excited about their own special app from the App Store that has been listed as a Staff favorite since 2009. Many types of coffee drinks are included with a focus on hot, or iced, lattes and mochas. Whatever drink is the customer’s choice , the Barista will have step-by-step instructions on how to prep your coffee beans, the temperatures needed, how to texture your drinks milk, and how to do the fancy latté art. A special feature is how to tamp and grind your specialty beans and how to extract shots.

There are customized videos with step-by-step instructions for home coffee chefs to view how to prepare the drink, before brewing. “Coffee Talk” the hot app feature is an espresso glossary that involves the special terms and equipment associated with the industry. It helps the newest of coffee aficionados in understanding the coffee lingo. The glossary also gives an insight to the specialized gear needed for every popular hot caffeinated beverage. Entertaining at parties and get-together has never been easier. This iPhone application helps you to maintain record of gifts, rewards etc also you can check out new coffee items available at various outlets. Nonetheless, you can also find the Starbucks outlets within your vicinity.

The information is presented in a crisp clean fashion, making it easy to read and simple to understand. This app is the one for any coffee drinker who wants the comfort and ease of their own little cafe shop in the comfort of their home.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a novice to coffee-making with your first espresso machine, or one of the well know baristas at the local coffee shop; the Barista app will help anyone achieve coffee greatness. Available for less than the price of a takeaway, the money that will be saved with this little application is worth every penny.

The Barista was first introduced for the iPhone 4 back in April of 2009, it’s now on version 1.7; which features a new retina display. The Apple Store has also made it available for the iPod Touch, so great coffee is only a few keystrokes away. Twice known as Apple’s “App of the Week,” it’s been a top seller in New Zealand, and continuing to rise in popularity. Coffee lovers will toast to that!


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