Flashy, cool and simply mesmerizing are the words that can be used for the latest iPhone models nowadays. Parents who buy their children with these latest iPhone models never think what their children might do with these phones. The most dangerous age for children is of course the teenage and this is when they require the most supervision from their parents. In such circumstances, an iPhone spying software can turn out to be a valuable asset for parents.

iPhone app stealthgenie

What is StealthGenie?

StealthGenie is a pretty amazing iPhone spying software that hands over the control of your child’s cell phone right in your hands. Covering very less space in your child’s cell phone, this software runs covertly inside it without letting anyone know about it. What you need is an iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4 or 4S model and you will be able to use StealthGenie with your child’s cell phone without any problem.

Start-up procedure:

Just follow the 3 basic steps and start your journey with StealthGenie. These steps are:


Sign-up for an online account with StealthGenie.


Download this software in your child’s cell phone.


Access your child’s cell phone whenever you want to with the help of your User ID and Password from StealthGenie.

Phone data and Internet access:

Each and every video, picture or audio file present in the cell phone of your child is right in front of the eyes of parents. Parents can even view the entire web browsing history of their children including the bookmarks. This helps the parents make sure as to what their child surfs on the internet all day and night and what sort of videos or pictures they have stored in their cell phone.

Live Surroundings:

StealthGenie provides parents with the ability to record the surrounding sounds of their child’s cell phone whenever they want to.

Monitor your children:

Parents can monitor the cell phone usage of their children with the help of this iPhone spying software. StealthGenie provides all its services for as low as $8.33 a month.