Had a look at the tech specs of the Motorola Fire (XT311/XT316) before it was launched in India. I was under the impression that this would be priced in the Rs 11,000 – Rs 13,000 range. Boy, have these pricing specialists at Motorola suddenly become market sensitive.

Motorola Fire Android Gingerbread mobile

This little (and good-looking) device has better specifications than the Backflip, yet at almost half the price? At Flipkart, Motorola Fire is available for Rs. 8,999. Can see a lot of interests expressed for this phone along with a couple of good reviews. I would have grabbed this myself, but for one key spec that made me rethink. The screen is a QVGA 240px x 320px with 120 dpi (never liked Motorola Charm/Flipout for this reason). Well, that ain’t bad at that price point…but bad enough for a device that is powered by a lovely Qualcomm MSM7227-1 600 MHz processor. This would have definitely beat my Motorola XT502, but for the display resolution.

Take a look at the device at one of the mobile stores, and check if the display is crisp enough for text and general browsing. If yes, this is definitely worth the money!

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