Motorola XT502 skin case – finally!

motorola xt502 xt3 xt5 quench skin case

Finding a decent fitting skin case/pouch for my Motorola XT502 has been a pretty bad experience. So, you finally find the right fit, only to see NOKIA or SAMSUNG in gaudy letters at the back of the pouch.

The good news is, I have found THE skin case for my Motorola XT502! Thanks to Agnaye for enabling this! Pics below…

motorola xt502 xt3 xt5 quench skin case

motorola xt502 xt3 xt5 quench skin case

The case fits snugly, with excellent grip and most importantly, no cheap squeaks when you hold the phone against your ears. Worth the money!

Colors: Dark blue, light blue, yellow, black, dark red and pink.

Check it out on eBay!


  1. Joelxt5

    was waiting for this for a long time!!!!

  2. Agnaye Ochani

    Hi Naren, thank you for helping me with this! To everyone who is interested … I must warn the case feels hard; if you are expecting something that feels like silicone, best stay away from this skin!

  3. Govind Bhardwaj

    nice work.. agnaye..

  4. sarang

    I cant find it anymore on evay..i need one..plz help

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