Recently, I’ve been in the looking at the classifieds section for 2 things. One, to look for used AV-separates (i.e, audio-video amplifier, tuner, CD player and speakers – pure audiophile grade!), and two, to find a tenant for my apartment in the city that I live. Thanks to, I was able to get excellent deals in my city for the aforementioned requirements.

I just didn’t stop with buying the AV-separates for a good price, but also ended up selling my 4-year old Onkyo AV receiver for a real good price too. To sum it up, it was a win-win situation, both side of the buying-selling experience. Though OLX is based out of India, it now serves over 105 countries in 40 languages. This itself is a feat, and the auto-location specific search on my mobile phone is on the dot.

OLX lets you:

  • Design and publish ads with pictures and videos
  • Easily control your selling and buying activity
  • Access the super-fast mobile site from your phone’s browser (or a dedicated app on Windows Phone, Android, etc)
  • View OLX in your local language

This is also emphasized in some neatly made TV campaigns; couple of my favorites below:

The ad campaigns are unique and to the point. Not bloated commercials running for 30 seconds and spiraling you down to boredom. The ads convey the message lucidly, and without false promises or propaganda. It’s also an indication to the sellers that they better stick to realistic pricing – as seen from the old car ad campaign above.

OLX allows you to contact the seller directly via phone or e-mail. The best part of the listing is that it shows you the location of the seller on the embedded Google Maps. You may plan your visit to the seller’s shop/location based on the exact location pointed by the seller on the maps page.

I’m still looking for a pair of good floor-standing speakers from JBL, Magnat or Klipsch, and I’m hopeful that I’d end up stacking them up in my audio room, in the next couple of days. This completes my home hifi stereo setup!