smallest portable USB charging cable

Your iPhone now has 7% charge! Find the charging cable, right now!

When was the last time you frantically searched, inside your backpack, for that long white cable? More often than not, I do this only to realize that I’ve happily left the cable dangling on the wall charger – at HOME! I then have to look around in my office, and ask my colleagues if they have the proprietary iPhone/iPad charging cable. What if I’m traveling, with my laptop, and no good soul ready to help me with that long white cable?

Well, Nomad, based out of San Francisco, has a cool product – ChargeKey, designed for digital nomads like us!

ChargeKey was shipped to my address via FedEx, and when I opened the package I thought they had forgotten to ship the product. It’s so light, you don’t feel its weight. The product package is worth mentioning – simple, yet informative and efficiently done (pics below). Also, ChargeKey is quite flexible and feels rugged – ‘guess it can take abuse to a good extent.

Nomad ChargeKey packaging

Nomad ChargeKey keychain

ChargeKey quick facts:

  • World’s smallest, flexible, most portable USB charging cable
  • Shaped like a key and designed to fit into any key chain
  • Charges from any USB port, and enables full data transfer when connected to the computer
  • Made of high-grade plastics from Bayer (Germany) and GLS (USA)

See how it works…

After using ChargeKey, I’ve left that long white cable permanently clinging to the wall charger – at HOME. No more carrying that around, and feeling for it in the dark inside my backpack.