If you like I can’t imagine your day without drinking few coffee cups for energy boost and you have an iPhone I think the following apps can be really helpful for you. I found few dozens of coffee-themed apps on the AppStore so it was rather challengeable to choose the best of them – that’s why I did a research and review the most popular according to the feedback of other iPhone users applications of this category.

Control your caffeine addiction with Caffeine Zone ($0.99)!

Caffeine Zone iPhone coffee app

The first program in my list is innovative half-health, half-culinary application Caffeine Zone 2 (though it doesn’t differ a lot from the first version). It helps to measure and control the level of caffeine a user drinks per day.

How it works? After the entry of user data Caffeine Zone 2 allows you to build charts showing the concentration of caffeine in blood system. These calculations of the application are performed according to formulas hardly known to someone other than the scientists who invented this app themselves. Based on a special schedule, depending on the input parameters (the amount of caffeine intake, frequency of taking a cup of coffee a day, etc), the app provides the analysis and offer recommendations to a user like “don’t drink more coffee today because the level of caffeine in blood is already very high”.

If you want to avoid problems with heart and insomnia caused by the excessive intake of caffeine then this app can become your salvation.

Become a coffee expert with the app Barista ($2.99)!

Barista iPhone cofee app

It does not matter whether you are a fan of latte or an espresso connoisseur – Barista application will be very useful for every day that you start with a cup of coffee. If you always wanted to learn how to make a nice coffee drink at home then this program can be very helpful. It is quite popular and contains a lot of coffee recipes and techniques so it is so far one of the best barista-themed apps I have ever seen.

Barista will easily help you to find the recipe of a coffee drink or make your own coffee right in your kitchen.

Barista application has everything you need to learn on how to use a professional espresso machine. The application contains easy-to-understand step-by-step instructions with recipes for many popular drinks based on coffee. In addition, there are included detailed video tutorials on the basics of coffee making.

Glossary of coffee related terms and coffee equipment will allow you to make the right choice, for example, when buying a coffee machine for an office. With this application you can get the most of your espresso machine, will find out a lot of recipes, can take lessons on how to make beautiful art on coffee with milk or many-many other small tips and tutorials every coffee maniac will definitely appreciate.

Save money with free application for Starbucks’ fans – myStarbucks!

Star Bucks iPhone coffee app

If you want to save money and get some free offers form the Starbucks Digital Network then this official and free application is exactly what you need for everyday use! The world’s favorite coffee chain would not be so popular if they didn’t care about their clients. With myStarbucks you can do the following:

  • by means of a visual coffee builder a user can  make your own treats and share your Starbucks projects with friends;
  • you are free to search for your favorite drinks and food snacks via the menus while sitting in a local Starbucks cafe;
  • if you don’t know where to find a Starbucks cafe in a new town then this app  can also help to do this.

The interface is great. I found a lot of new online buddies thanks to this app. I was disappointed, however, that it is impossible to make an order via this application. I hope that they will fix this lack someday.  What is your favorite coffee themed iOS app? Share in your comments.

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