Top 7 bedside apps for iPad and iPhone

iPhone apps have gelled well with our daily routine, thus making us want more. Unlike other smart phones, iPhone apps don’t seem to have many limitations and seem to have forayed into almost all possible areas. One of the common problems that most people still face today is getting a sound sleep after a day’s work. This is because they tend to stay alert and attentive the whole day with more caffeine intake and find it difficult to fall asleep during night. Surprisingly, there are iPhone apps that claim to help you fall asleep and make things easier for you. Next time, when you find it difficult to get a sound sleep, you could consider keeping any of these apps on your bedside.

1. Sleep Wave

This app isn’t just another fancy app. It is developed based on the science behind Blue light therapy. The app works by shedding blue light on your ceiling in a rhythmic manner. All you have to do is stay awake with your eyes open and allow the blue light to guide you. You need to breathe in as the light swells out and breathe out as the light fades away. According to the company that developed this app, Sleep Wave could make a user fall asleep with 7 minutes.

2. Weather HD

iPhone and iPad bedside apps

This app displays a gorgeous animation of weather conditions outside along with detailed weather forecast for multiple cities. With a single tap, you can adjust its brightness.

3. Flip clock HD            

This is an all-in-one app which displays current weather conditions and weather forecasts for five days. The app has a built-in alarm clock with iPod music as alarm. Additionally, this app announces the time every hour or whenever you touch the screen.

4. White noise Pro

iPhone and iPad bedside apps

If you are a person who would prefer some noises in the background rather than complete silence during your sleep, then this app does exactly that. The app has a wide range of sounds including ocean waves crashing, frogs croaking, chirping of birds, and shower running to name a few. The background sound would continue to play even if you use some other app. Additionally, this app also has wake-up alarm and digital clock.

5. iBedside

iBedside is more of a fancy app that helps you with information like detailed weather condition, various alarm clock apps, calendar, events and many of such stuffs that you would find useful to get off your bed and start your day.

6. Sleep cycle

iPhone and iPad bedside apps

Instead of you setting the wake-up time, this app tracks your sleeping pattern based on a built-in accelerometer and figures out the best time to wake you up. The app requires you to set a 30 minutes window during which time it determines your sleeping phase. Additionally, the app creates a graph of your sleeping pattern by keeping track of how many hours you sleep every day.

7. Living Earth HD

If you want to keep yourself awake and let your imagination flow, then you can use Living Earth HD. The app has stunning visuals of a spinning globe that displays weather conditions. Just like Weather HD, this app allows you to get detailed weather forecast for multiple cities. Additionally, this app has wake-up alarm with music.

iPhone apps are making people more and more addictive and dependent on apps even to assist daily routines. However, this is definitely an advantage for people who have busy life and have little time to manage basic things.

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