It’s 10 in the night, and you’re punching in hundreds of lines of codes, staring at the big 19-inch workstation monitor. Dead silence. The moment the clatter of the keyboard stops, your tummy rumbles. And, it’s loud. You’re hungry!

Luckily, someone thought about this situation and created Foodpanda. Foodpanda is an online food delivery service covering over 100 cities in India. Well, there are a few online services that will let you browse nearby restaurants and pizza delis, but you’d have to call them up and place the order over the phone. This is where Foodpanda scores — you can browse nearby restaurants and place the order without having to dial the number.

Foodpanda was brought to India by Amit Kohli, former McKenzie consultant along with Rohit Chadda, an investment banker turned entrepreneur. Very recently, Foodpanda launched their own food delivery services with the aim of bringing in more food options to the customers, at the same time enabling delivery services to those restaurants that don’t have one.

Foodpanda delivery servicesRocket Internet powers Foodpanda (just like Jabong), and the latter partners with Cuponation to bring in exclusive discounts to the food ordering services.

Once you key in your location, Foodpanda gives you a list of restaurants. You can further refine the results by sorting by popularity, delivery and ratings, or by cuisines (e.g. Italian, Chinese, Pizza, Cakes-bakery, and more). Foodpanda gives you the menu for each restaurant listed in the results page, and you can click on it and select the food items that you need. For example, if you select Margherita pizza, you’re presented with further options such as cheese burst, extra olives, etc. The estimated delivery time to your location is mentioned on the right side-bar. Once you’re done with the food selection, you just have to checkout mentioning the delivery address and choice of payment (cash on delivery).

All of the above is accomplished without having to dial a number to place an order.

Apart from the browser-based convenience, Foodpanda is also available on App Store (Apple), Google Play and Windows Store (Windows Phone). Just download, order and stop that rumbling tummy late in the night!