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The Most Popular Camera on Flickr is Not a Camera

the most popular camera on flickr

It is an iPhone!

Anyways, I’m not too surprised that the most popular camera brand on Flickr is NOT a CAMERA. Take a look at the data from Flickr:

most popular camera brand

Why are real camera brands, like Canon and Nikon, showing a downward trend?

Is it because it’s easier to flip out an iPhone (or, any phone) and take a quick snap-shot? Is it because the iPhone’s tonal quality is stunning right out-of-the-box, requiring much lesser post-processing work? Is it because one can do quick in-camera editing with great tools like Snapseed and VSCO? Is it because the iPhone has a better burst rate than one’s current entry-level DSLR? In my opinion, it’s all of the above.

I have a few iPhone photos on my Flickr page, and am including some samples down below. I love the end-result of the image from my phone more than from my Canon 600D. May be, most others using Flickr think so too.


Pondicherry beach view

Red bus

shades of grey

Austin Capitol

Canon 600D is a fantastic DSLR — no doubt. But, these days, I’m just plain lazy to grab that half-a-kilo Canon from the bag to take a casual picture. I always go for my phone.

Probably, the next best thing is to ditch the DSLR, and switch to a compact mirrorless camera system. I think, from now on, people getting into photography, or wanting to buy an entry-level DSLR, should seriously consider the mirrorless option. What say you?

By the way, a question to Android fanboys — You’ve the biggest market share. Why aren’t you taking pics? Is it because the photo quality isn’t good enough to post on Flickr? Is it because you hate Flickr? Just curious…

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  1. What!! You mean I will have to ditch my Canon SX520 for my kids iPhone6? Your pics have convinced me to try it – they are absolutely “mavelous” – especially the black & whites.

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