Airtel tells us this crap…

Funny Airtel marketing message

I have a 4 Mbps broadband connection from Airtel, and never ever have I realized 60% of the speed at my end. Even to Airtel’s first gateway router. Most of my friends who have Airtel broadband have the same thought – never been able to realize the committed speed (not even close!).

Well, today I (and many other customers too) get this message from Airtel…

Funny Airtel marketing message

Actual speed vs committed speed is 104% ? You gotta be kidding me. And broadband up-time is definitely not 100%. Having said these, the customer support is not bad when compared to BSNL (can’t comment on the others as I’ve never used them). This is the only thing that keeps Airtel ringing.

According to a study done jointly by LIRNEasia, an ICT policy and regulation think-tank active across the Asia-Pacific, and IIT-Madras, a majority of broadband packages offered in India fail to deliver even 80 per cent of the advertised speeds. The worst case of non-compliance was Airtel’s 2 Mbps plan in Mumbai, which did not deliver even 20 per cent of what it promised. Airtel has refused to comment on the results of any “independent study.” – The Hindu (full article here)

Airtel is now officially successful in making me and all their customers look like suckers! I’m quite sure that this kinda’ marketing is the handy idea of some glorified MBA who plays solitaire on his computer and takes a fat paycheck home every month. No offense!

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  1. Airtel Sucks

    Thats why Airtel Sucks so much

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