After getting a phone, one just cannot resist personalizing the apparatus, which usually includes a series of popular apps. According to the latest polls, these are rated as some of the best of the best.



This app allows you to stream over 700 full-length movies onto your Blackberry in Canada or wherever you live. Films are neatly arranged according to genre. In addition to randomly selected blockbuster hits, the site includes a variety of b-movies and Indie films.


Find commercial-free playlists categorized by mood that might include working out or reading the paper. Lists can be shared via social media and links provide the option of purchasing and downloading favorite songs.

TuneIn Radio-Free

The app provides access to more than 70,000 radio stations located around the world in addition to free concerts, podcasts or live shows.


The Q10 and the Z10 are both equipped with an 8-megapixel camera, which means taking plenty of photographs. PicShop provides a wealth of editing tools and special effects. The app also includes the option of sharing photos via Facebook and Twitter.

ESPN ScoreCenter-Free

Sports junkies keep up with the latest scores and news of the sports world. Choose your favorite team, league or sport and receive news articles and video content. Users can also create a scoreboard to receive desired results in one single screen shot.




This community sponsored app has over 40 million users who continually supply updated data concerning traffic information and where to find the best gas prices. Users also have access to voice-guided navigation and re-routing details in the event of adverse road conditions.


The voice activated personal assistant provides users with a variety of information that might include nearby hotels and restaurants or current weather reports. Additional features also include language translation and Wolfram Alpha, which provides answers to questions based on anything from history to math.


Using GPS navigation, users pinpoint their location and find the latest weather report via satellite maps or text. You can also access upcoming forecasts up to 10 days in advance. The app additionally enables users to activate alerts that warn when severe weather is approaching. Frequent fliers have the option of checking flight schedules or delays.


My Accountant-$2

This pocket accountant helps users manage budgets by providing detailed financial tracking.

Gadget Box-$2

This app is similar to having a Swiss Army Knife at your fingertips. The many gadgets included are a compass, flashlight and a protractor along with a height and distance tool and a unit converter.