There are some great desktop blogging tools which are useful for not only the bloggers but developers as well in a number of different ways. All of these tools are useful in providing their users with additional benefits to them as they can also be able to work offline or can easily publish their content as they prefer either online or offline.

if you have a Mac, and you are a passionate blogger then making use of these desktop blogging tools will make the entire procedure extremely amazing to speed up all of your blogging activities. Following are the 5 great desktop tools for that made blogging much easier which you would certainly prefer opting for.

Mars Edit

Mars Edit happens to be one of the best desktop blog tools for Mac as it offers some incredible features such as writing, previewing as well a publishing your content. The primary feature related to this tool is the rich HTML text editing, it makes media right on your finger tips, uploading of files becomes exceedingly easy as well as a wide compatibility. The application can be purchased only for $39.95 or you can easily upgrade from a prior version for just $14.95.


Bleezer is yet another best desktop tool for blogging purposes especially for the Mac users and users can easily make use of this tool with any of the blogging platforms such as WordPress or blogger. The tool has also been made available for operating systems like Linux and Windows. With this tool, you will be able to add in tags for any of the tagging services, advertise, spell check, create custom markup, and work online or offline.


It is another easy to utilize desktop blogging tool, which enables users to write down, edit and post to one or many other blogs. You can make use of this tool even when you are offline. You can get your blog posts saved on your hard disk and later on can upload them from anywhere you want. It happens to be a great tool for all such bloggers who are on the move. It mainly includes features such as easy image insertion, text formatting, advertising insertion with Q Ads and Technorati tagging with a lot more.


It is another easy to use yet powerful tool available for the Mac users. It is basically designed to make blogging a lot easier and provide users with much more robust and powerful tools to manage their blogging services. You can work on your blogs either by being online or offline with additional features like attachments, creating links, spellcheck and a lot more. It offers much easier and powerful editing interface as compared to a blog that is established in control panel.


It is a standalone blogging tool, or a cross platform which is useful in making authoring as well as publishing your content almost effortlessly. Like mostly blogging solutions, the tool does not at all require any a MySQL database, a cgi/php enabled web host, or third-party blogging host. As a matter of fact, all you require to establish here and manage your blog, a blog with a thingamablog tool is SFTP, FTP, or network entrée to a web server.


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