CM7 EAv6 – Android 2.3.7 ROM for Motorola XT502 [Review]

CM7 EAv6 gingerbread ROM for Commtiva Z71 devices

Today, I installed the CM7 EAv6 Gingerbread ROM. It’s been quite a while since I found a stable ROM after getting bored with the SuperAOSP 8.6 AW. This one is nice,… so far!

CM7 EAv6 gingerbread ROM for Commtiva Z71 devices


  • Better kernel than the one that comes in CM7 nightlies
  • Makes a positive difference when overclocked – tried values between 672 MHz and 768 MHz (tip: I use No-frills CPU to overclock. The post will tell you why)
  • Noticeably faster and fluid
  • I was using the nightly build and the Wi-Fi was really good. With EAv6, I don’t see much difference. However, if you’re coming from an older build (like 2.3.3 or 2.3.5) you will see a great difference in Wi-Fi connectivity/performance
  • Answering calls a lot better than CM7 nightlies
  • Battery life – 100 times better than CM7 nightly builds. Will update after 48 hours of usage


  • None at the moment – will update in 24 hours if anything turns up bad

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Installation tip: If you’re already on one of the CM7 nightlies, all you need to do is apply the zip via ROM Manager/recovery menu. If you’re coming from Froyo, then install this ROM via SUTLR and then apply the zip.

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  1. Georges Bergossi

    Hi. Think it’s better than SuperOSR v2.0.1 ?

  2. Georges Bergossi

    And for the photo zoom ?

    • Well, the zoom works. But I hardly use the zoom feature on this camera with no auto-focus. It only makes the image worse.

  3. Anonymous

    Moto XT 502 – I have flashed this ROM. In fact I flashed it twice. Phantom -> CM 7.0.2.nb0 -> CM7 EAv6. Initial impression with just using it for 2 hrs…
    – Random rotation problem. Only option is to reboot
    – Menu button shows keyboard
    – Auto brightness is bad as usual. Any tips on improving?
    – Call end button does not work as expected all the time

    I thought that the rotation issue started post I restored apps using Titanium Backup. Hence I flashed it again with 7.0.2.nb0, wiped data and updated to EAv6. Are we ever to going to get a stable version :(. Phantom ROM is rock solid. I would keep on using it if I get good battery life out of it. I am tired of trying different ROMs but somehow couldn’t control when the next one is out :P.

    • Strange. I have a Moto XT502 and it works perfectly well. May be you should wipe a couple of more times, wipe dalvik cache and then flash this ROM. In my opinion, this is the best CM7-based ROM so far.

  4. Futuretvl

    Hi i could not found the Driver for my Motorola XT5 for this ROM. Because of that i cound connect the USB tethering…any idea for this.

  5. Nakul

    which launcher is that!!? it looks lovely……

  6. Tarun Jadoein

    can you suggest a launcher that flows smoothly on xt502

    I have tried launcher pro, qq launcher, go launcher, and adw but they all are not retained properly in memory and if they are retained than other apps become slow

    any suggestions regarding that? ?

    • There is no such launcher like that for Android. All have their limitations. My personal favorite is LauncherPro. But, just for variety sake, I’m using HeLauncher now. I’m happy with it, so far…

  7. Z71 owner

    what is the quadrant score?

  8. Mjmedel24

    Need For Speed Shift not working anymore. Forced to Get back to SuperAOSP8.6AW…  And some memory issues.  Games run Smoother than  SuperAOSP8.6AW but occassionally lags/stutters for some reason…

  9. Mahesh

    Hi Naren,

    I’m having a stock XT502 with Android 2.1 Update-1 version.

    May i follow “If you’re coming from Froyo, then install this ROM via SUTLR and then apply the zip.” mentioned above by you?
    Also, is there any way that i can take a backup of the current stock ROM, so that i can revert back to it, in case of any issue later ?

    I’m new to flashing, please bear my questions.

    Thanks in advance!
    – Mahesh

    • If you’re coming from 2.1, there’s no need to follow the SUT LR procedure (use this as the next resort if you have NO SIGNAL after installing gingerbread ROM).
      Backup app – ROM Manager. Download, flash clockworkmod recovery, backup and then install. Hope this helps!

  10. Mahesh

    Hi Naren, Thank you for the quick response. But, sorry, i’m not aware of the android flashing terminologies/steps.

    What i could get so far for upgrading my 2.1 to 2.3 is:
    1. Install ROM Manager from Market (that needs the phone to be rooted? If yes, please need info on how to)
    2. Download the .zip file from megaupload’s “Download” link above (megaupload page stopped at half image of FBI notice/warning.. any alternate link available?)
    3. “flash clockworkmod recovery”.. how ?!
    4. Backup the stock ROM to SD using Rom Manager
    5. Install the downloaded CM7 EAv6 .zip file using ROM Manager
    6. If no signal after installation, “…then install this ROM via SUTLR…”

    Please let me know your review on my understanding at your liesure.

    Thanks in advance!

    • Almost all of the answers to your questions are withing this blog. Please search 🙂 If you don’t find anything, or if stuck with something, please let me know. Good luck with your modding!

  11. gnat

    the megaupload link shows up an FBI notice.. any alternate download links?

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