Formulists - better twitter list managementAlmost every Twitter user would have created lists with the intention to track people (and their tweets) in them. However, in most cases, the effectiveness in tracking multiple lists goes for a toss, given the sheer number of updates on one’s time line. For all those using Twitter lists, I’ve got some good news. Formulists is here.

Formulists is quite unique as it enables us to create and manage the lists, based on certain parameters we may define. The end result is a self-updating, dynamic and personalized Twitter list.

Formulists features

Formulists features - to start with..

You can find new people based on your interests, by tweaking certain parameters or people just like you. Managing your followers and accessing these custom generated lists is also easier – can be done from any Twitter client.

Creating a list

Create new list - Formulists

Processing the list..

list processing - Formulists

If you give a broad parameter, it takes a while before Formulists process the list and throws out the result. However, I found the processing time was down to just 2 or 3 minutes if I define some granularity in the parameters (like country, city, bio, etc).

I think it’s just a step forward in getting better Twitter connects and interaction, than clogging your time-line with uninteresting tweets . I’m seeing it already!

By the way, Formulists is still in alpha, and so it’s invite only. I’ve five invites left right now, and you can @reply or DM me on Twitter – @ubiquitense

More info on Formulists.

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