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MobStac Ubiquitense mobile site

Probably, it’s just another blog post that talks about ‘how to mobilize your blog…’. But, have you tried MobStac? It’s not an ‘yet another’ software/application that works only on iPhone or fancy touch-screen devices. MobStac enables you to take your site to millions of users having a wide-variety of mobile phones!

MobStac Ubiquitense mobile site

Again, one might argue that there are quite a few apps out there that does what MobStac offers. Well, may be, but not the following:

  1. Allow you to create the mobile site in three easy, straight forward steps – sign-up, customize and go live!
  2. Allow you to create a CNAME record from the control panel, if you own a domain – how about, instead of
  3. Allow you to choose between your Twitter image and a custom header image
  4. Integrate with Disqus comments
  5. Integrate with Ad networks – in most cases, we all have Google Adsense, don’t we?
  6. Allow faster page loads, even with images
  7. Integrate basic analytics

mobstac ubiquitense mobile site advertising option

This Bangalore-based start-up company has a lot of features to differentiate itself in the market, from the rest. What do you think?

OK, don’t think. Try it out! By the way, check out on your mobile!

UPDATE (17 March 2012): Since Mobstac has become so very popular, they have decided to scrap the FREE feature for good. Now all you get is a 30-day trial. Well, since my blog is based on a responsive theme, I can live without Mobstac as mine is not a revenue generating site. Wish this 30-day trial had been there since they started it last year. So, this might also mean that they might re-open their unlimited FREE trial once their sales dip? And again, knock out all those websites when they decide to go premium!? It’s good marketing, but they just need to be careful in the online space flooded with many other opportunities, especially if some of their long time customers start to look elsewhere.

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  1. Naren,

    There appears to be some kind of misunderstanding.

    We announced our decision to drop the free plan in a blog post in January:

    We also sent all our existing customers email about these changes, gave everyone a free 30-day trial, and also informed them of upcoming site deactivation through email.

    It’s a bit unfair to say that we did nothing to let you know of upcoming changes.


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