CyanogenMod 7.1 aPT v1 for Motorola XT502 – REVIEW

Cyanogenmod aPT v1 review

While we’re waiting for the first flavors of Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0), the Gingerbread varieties for Commtiva Z71 devices seem to be on the increase. And, they are good too! I’m not missing the Phantom series, anymore.

My favorite ROMs in the past few weeks (not in any order): EAv6 | CyanogenMod 7.1 stable | MYGingerB | and now.. CyanogenMod 7.1 aPT v1.

Cyanogenmod aPT v1 review


  • Nice boot animation, and quick boot (a CM7.1 characteristic)
  • Nice range of CPU overclocking options
  • Default governor: ONDEMAND and default clock frequency: 604 MHz – you’ll like it!
  • Default home launcher is Gingerbread – as lovely as the one in MYGingerB
  • Good WiFi – well, could be better
  • Default Ubuntu-based kernel – you’ll love the battery stats
  • Automatic screen brightness is much better – can see the difference if you select the window interval to 10 seconds
  • Quadscore, @672 MHz ONDEMAND – 1111
  • Quadscore, @672 MHz ONDEMAND + SD Booster – 1203
  • Flash Player 10.2!
  • Slick lock screen buttons – not a big fan of the transparent ones


  • Gapps not included by default
  • Others – two download files available. Google translate doesn’t help here much with the Portuguese translation.

So, to avoid any confusion, I’m just listing the download link to the file that I flashed on my Motorola XT502.

DOWNLOAD | more info…

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  1. Mesuto

    The two download links are these: the 1a is the normal one, and the 1b ( the one you posted) is the normal one + an overclock of memory speed. I also installed that

    • That’s what I’m not able to understand. What is overclock of memory speed?

      • shood khan

        ram also has a buss speed like cpu have…..i dnt know how they overclocked cant go beyond the capacity of mobiles busses…:S
        but try and c is there any efficiency diffrence??
        probably it’ll fry ur memory…

  2. Georges Bergossi

    Prefer to wait an 4.0 ROM 🙂

    • guess this will take a loooooooong time.. may be 3 months from now? 🙂

      • shood khan

        how can we get ice cream sandwich when hav no honeycomb rom…:S?????
        our devices cant handle it ….:)

  3. Tarun Singh

    m getting sd card unmounted error in camera and gallery while i can view sd card in explorer
    what to do plz help

    • this is an old CM7 error which has been rectified long ago. Not sure why you’re getting this now. Did you do a clean wipe? Also, try the EAv6 kernel and see if this solves the issue.

  4. Kedarhede

    Downloaded and flashed by XT502

    Touch Screen in unresponsive. Tried alternative kernels (SuperASOP) as well. No luck.

    Any suggestions ????

    Also wanted to check if anyone tried accessing online flash videos(not Youtube) since the comments say that it contains Flash10.2

    • Did you try the EAv6 kernel for the touchscreen problem? Else, do a full wipe (wipe dalvik cache too) and reinstall an older version of CM7 and see if the problem persists. Install the aPT over it.

      • Kedarhede

        Tried the full wipe and also going back toCM7 and further to aPT. Same problem.

        Where can I get just the EAv6 kernel. I have the complete zip (101 MB)….

        • Kedarhede

          Sratch that…. got the EAv6 kernel in one of your other posts. Let me try.

        • You can get the EAv6 kernel from one of my recent blog posts. Please search 🙂

  5. Got the same touchscreen unresponsive problem. Went ahead and updated to the EA6 kernel. Works fine. But unfortunately not able to see any wi-fi networks. 3g works very well. Very low battery consumption too.

  6. shood khan

    hey broo loving yor work keep it up….u doin a greatjob…:)

    i jst wanted to ask abt some probems..
    in every cm7 mod i m facing prob with my screen orientation…it acts wrongly
    and second….
    video playback in all froyo rom suck….(phantom,skyfire,firetrap)
    is there a solution to it?
    could u please give a guide to change boot animation?
    currently m using my ginger bread…

    • The screen rotation is solved by installing the EAv6 kernel. However, I would suggest you install this aPT ROM. It has the ubuntu kernel by default. Do full wipe. Let me know if youre facing the screen problems.

  7. shood khan

    sorry got your screen orientatiion problem thread…workin on it..:)

  8. shood khan

    i m having a prob in installing orignal youtube app which came with google apps previously…i tried to install manually youtube apk’s but they show force close error …is there any way???
    im having troubles in viewing videos…have to go to browser from current app each time

  9. Renjith A.Nair

    Installed this ROM on Motorola XT502, but resulted in “Error in connecting to network.” Whats next?

  10. Drkartikvala

    I install t Rom bt error in network connection plz tell me solution of this

  11. Drkartikvala

    Plz addd radiofm appp

  12. Prasanth

    Everythng works fine – but not Camera. On double tapping I get force close error.

    Did not detect my SD card until I reformatted it.

    Network getting detected automatically – no issues there. – On BSNL network, India.

    Any idea where to get Gapps from? 🙂 This is the first time I am ever rooting an android even 🙂

  13. Shubham arora

    Just got the phone flashed with the version. Everything works fine apart from the fact the battery drain is higher than the stock rom. Any suggestions on that front? 

  14. shreekant

    hi.. i am using this rom for quite some time now..and i love it..absolutely stable as it says.. BUT i am now having very pathetic battery life and wifi connects but cant open webpage,none whatsoever..
    i noticed the battery issue recently, when i had to go out of room, otherwise my charger always handy..
    i would love it if u could tell me some way to solve these..
    i am getting almost 4 hrs on 3g, and may be 9-10hrs max on 2g..(not tested on wifi n without data on.)
    plz plz me out, such a nice rom to replace……

  15. Maruthi

    I am Getting Signature failed in mi 300

    • 2 reasons:
      1. corrupted download file – redownload
      2. bad ROM manager – reinstall zip

      Hope this helps!

  16. rishab

    hey this download link is broken

    • Will try fixing the link. You may wanna try version 7.2 or any other new ROM. Check the front page, there’s a new MIUI-styled ROM with Bravia Engine!

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