CyanogenMod 7.1 – RELEASED!

cyanogenmod 7.1 stable based on Android 2.3.7

So, the most (or long?) awaited stable version from CyanogenMod, based on Android 2.3.7 is out now. Released just a few hours ago!

cyanogenmod 7.1 stable based on Android 2.3.7

It’s quite astonishing to see the CyanogenMod community supporting 24 more devices via this release. And, I’m happy to see the Motorola Cliq/Dext get the stable one with this lovely kernel.

So, what does the changelog look like? It’s actually massive. For readability, you can find the key features over here. As usual, a few more nightlies will follow this stable release and you can track all the changes (for each of the supported devices) over here.

Now, it’s time to start the long wait for CyanogenMod 9 (CM9) – Android Ice Cream Sandwich!


  1. Georges Bergossi

    Someone try it on Moto XT502 ?

    PS to Naren Ubi : I can’t see your comments ?!

    • Have tried all the versions just before the stable 7.1 release. Everything working fine, except BAD battery life and the kernel not allowing over-clock + flash another kernel. Other than these three issues, 2.3.7 was very stable on my Moto XT502

  2. Yingwen03

    No service/signal for Boston phone. What gives? Radio problem from what I have found from other sites.

  3. I got cyanogenmod working just fine on my Wellcom A88 (Moto XT502/Commtiva z71, etc). And, finally, CM seems stable, fast, and decent battery life. I’d given up on straight CM roms, and was using SuperAOSP. I was just thinking it was time to try a new ROM, or at least, reflash the same one, when I saw 7.1 released. Fantastic!

    I had to go back and reinstall an earlier CM ROM using SUTLR (.nbo format). But once I did that everything works great. Well, almost. Here are two things I need help with:

    1. I still occasionally have the bug where, when I press the menu button, the keyboard pops up. The only surefire way to fix it is a reboot. It’s not often, and I’ve had this same problem with other CM-based ROMS, but I’d love a fix. 

    2. Supposedly I can slide on the menu bar to adjust brightness? Nope. (And I enabled it, too.) Supposedly, I can see calendar events on my lock screen? Nope. (And I enabled it too.)

    Have fun

    • Yep, you’re right! I’m using CM7.1 right now and I’m pretty OK with it. However, it has still got the over clock freeze issue. So, ‘m using it with the EAv6 kernel. Will be writing a review over the weekend. 🙂 Have fun!

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