CyanogenMod 7.1 [stable] with Ubuntu kernel for Motorola XT502 – Review

CyanogenMod 7.1 on Motorola XT502 review

About a week ago, the CyanogenMod 7.1 stable, based on Android 2.3.7, was released for dozens of devices.

CyanogenMod 7.1 on Motorola XT502 review

I have been running the stable version on my Motorola XT502 for the past days, and I’m quite pleased with the performance.


  • Faster and fluid performance
  • Better Wi-Fi connectivity – actually, a lot faster than any previous version that I’d tried
  • Slightly better battery stats
  • Quad score – 887


The inability to overclock can be solved by flashing an Ubuntu-based kernel; the same one that’s beneath the EAv6 ROM, giving excellent battery stats. The kernel gives much better performance, with a quad score of 1084 at 672 MHz.

Download the kernel. Flash it via recovery mode, overclock and have fun!


  1. TahawK

    hi bro.. mind to share this ROM??

  2.  (From a previous comment I made)

    I got cyanogenmod working just fine on my Wellcom A88 (Moto
    XT502/Commtiva z71, etc). And, finally, CM seems stable, fast, and decent
    battery life. I’d given up on straight CM roms, and was using SuperAOSP. I was
    just thinking it was time to try a new ROM, or at least, reflash the same one,
    when I saw 7.1 released. Fantastic!


    I had to go back and reinstall an earlier CM ROM using SUTLR
    (.nbo format). But once I did that everything works great. Well, almost. There are still occasional crashes, but only every few days. Also, supposedly I can slide on the menu bar to adjust
    brightness? Nope. (And I enabled it, too.) Supposedly, I can see calendar
    events on my lock screen? Nope. (And I enabled it too.)

  3. Tarun Jadoein

    overclocking effects the cpu or not?
    and if yes then isnt it harmful for cpu

    • It does. You have to be within the limits, else you’ll end up frying the CPU! Max I’ve used is 768 MHz. on my Motorola XT502

  4. Sanver Kapur

    how can i make the dock look like that
    i have EAv6

  5. aaron

    hey, what’s the name of the home replacement you used in the above photo?

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