CyanogenMod (CM) needs no introduction. Widely known for going the extra-mile in enabling Android devices eat tons and tons of Froyo (Frozen Yoghurt!) – for free! The team responsible for Commtiva Z71 released the Gingerbread (Android 2.3) version a couple of weeks ago.

CyanogenMod for Commtiva z71 Motorola XT502

As usual, tried it; and moved on to Phantom Evolution ROM. Why?


  1. The stable CM7 ROM is so very unstable – can’t even use the phone without force closures and display flicker problems
  2. My favorite USB tethering doesn’t work – can’t use for 3G internet connectivity
  3. The dialer hangs while punching in the numbers – forgot it’s a phone, damn it!
  4. Often get this annoying ‘SD card unexpectedly removed’ message – got to restart!
  5. Defective automatic brightness – you need to point the device directly at the light source for this feature to spring in to action
  6. Very bad battery life – interestingly, this is the most highlighted problem in the Cyanogen forums
  7. Multiple duplicate entries on the phone book – consider this as a value add, just in case you lose a number!
  8. and so on…

Ain’t there any good in installing this ROM? Yes, they are…

  1. Feel good Gingerbread OS
  2. Fast boot times
  3. Smooth graphics/transitions
  4. Tweaked performance – quadrant score at 837!

Well, you may argue that this is free software, and one has the right to install it or not. Absolutely, that’s why I installed, and then uninstalled. I’m not demanding anything from the CM folks. They don’t work for anyone. Actually, they enable millions of Android users move up to better OS versions.

So, what’s the point? Not to disappoint oneself by installing the STABLE version on your Motorola XT502 or Commtiva Z71 devices. We should wait for other versions from their stable!

Until then, it’s Phantom all the way…

UPDATE: Found a more usable, stable version of this ROM with battery fix!. Check it out here.

Pic source: CyanogenMod