Guest post by Jared Scott

Have you ever downloaded from Usenet?

You might not know that the modern Usenet is stronger than ever. Usenet has come a long way since its early days.  It’s been around since 1979. But today users are able to experience Usenet in a whole new way.  What used to be confusing and complicated is now as easy as point and click.

Usenet speed

There are three reasons to choose Usenet over other download technologies.


Premium Usenet providers offer an unrivaled download speed that others can’t.

The best offer Uncapped Speeds when you download.   Meaning you can download content as fast as your internet connection will allow.

Usenet posts are stored on a network of premium grade servers.  When you download from Usenet, you are accessing content directly from these servers.

You do not have to share a connection with other users or upload anything.  This also helps to increase the speed as your Internet connection is not being clogged up with a simultaneous upload.

This speed is a big reason people choose Usenet.  Once you’ve downloaded at 80 Mbps, there is no going back.


Usenet offers a massive amount of information.  There is tons of open source software available.  And users have uploaded all different types of audio, video and image files.

No matter what you are into, you’ll find it on Usenet.

While Usenet servers used to delete posts on a regular basis, this is almost unheard of with the best providers today.

Usenet now stores more than 800 Terabytes of information with more than 9TB added every day.

And the amount of information available on Usenet continues to grow.


As many can tell you, downloading from the internet can be risky. You should only do so from trusted sources that protect you and your privacy.

Many Usenet providers offer you a 256 bit SSL encrypted connection with their servers. This connection acts like a secure tunnel between your computer and the server.

It protects your information and keeps prying eyes out.

And 256 bit encryption is the same level of security that your bank uses online.  This encryption acts like a protective armor that keeps your information safe and private.

There are many options for downloading online.  While most people tend to think of Usenet as an old technology, the fact is many choose it for the speed, selection, and security it offers.

Author Bio:

Jared Scott is the Manager of Public Outreach for  He spends his days educating the Web on the benefits of the modern Usenet.

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