It’d be some time before Google rolls out this new market update to all devices. Got to know from Android Community that the latest version has been released (rolling out in phases, already?) yesterday. If you’re curious, you can download the latest version 3.0.27 from HERE.

download the new Android Market v3.0.27



For custom ROMs (like Phantom), the installation may not be straight forward. Use the following procedure, it might help:

  1. Download and copy the apk to your phone’s SD card
  2. Use Root Explorer and navigate to /system/app folder
  3. There should be a Vending.apk. Rename it to RENAMED_Vending.apk, and move it OUT of that app folder (may be to another folder in your SD card)
  4. Rename the downloaded apk to Vending.apk, and move it to the /system/app folder
  5. Click on Vending.apk, and install