EAv7.2 – CM7.1 ROM for Motorola XT502

new flash and boot animation EAv7.2 CM7.1 ROM

This is the latest version of the most stable CM7.1-based ROM – EAv7 series. Most of the features mentioned in the previous post remain unaltered.

new flash and boot animation EAv7.2 CM7.1 ROM

Some minor changes:

  • New flash and boot animation – liking it!
  • Minor tweaks to improve overall performance and stability
  • Slightly better (fluid) ADW launcher

DOWNLOAD EAv7.2 (zip file)| more info…

.nb0 files – EAv7.2 .nb0 file Modem REV: FXX-2-25D-00 or EAv7.2 .nb0 file Modem REV: FXX-3-220-00. Download the one that suits your phone’s modem (call end + vol up + power).

TIP: Installing .nb0 ROMs.


  1. Georges Bergossi

    Is there always the problem with the zoom when taking picture on this rom ?

  2. Kaustubh Gaonkar

    Tried this ROM 
    I think very good performance especially 3D 
    fluid interface
    didnt face any problem with IMEI no or signal
    Quad score 1306 on my XT502

  3. Kaustubh Gaonkar

    After 2 days some bugs:

    1. USB tethering not working properly2. Daily at least 1 restart
    3. most of the time very smooth performance but sometimes if it hangs then it stays like that for a while…

    • Well, as I had mentioned in one of the posts, the person responsible for Commtiva Z71 devices has not done a good job; whereas the maintainers of Cliq/Dext have done a lovely job. The output from this maintainer is not as good as the ones from Cliq/Dext maintainers. So, we will have such nagging issues.

  4. kiran malbul

    wifi not connecting and not responding…. automatic turn off wifi  ..plz anyone help

  5. Mjmedel24

    so how is NFS with this one, the en ef es .zip? lol
    gotta stick with this after I am done with the game, it is only one game anyway, 

  6. Haresh 852

    this rom is giving
    signature verification error for my motorola xt502 what to do

  7. Innavoiglopez

    This is by far the best rom for Commtiva Z71, I tried it and I am very pleased with it’s performance. No lags after exiting a game. Very smooth. My Quad score has always stayed close to 1000 can play 3D games with my phone with no problems. 

  8. Znproliang

    i got it, thank you sir!!

  9. hfbvm

    Link is down. 🙁

  10. Rishab

    Hello, I found a problem with its WiFi portable hotspot.It works all so fine without setting a WPA2 PSK key but as soon as I setup this key Wifi becomes unavailable and is not scanned.

  11. Mjmedel

    I don’t know if it is my phone, me or the rom, forget about the nfs problem, had to install gingerbread version, iwas using the froyo version that works on mygingerb, my bad, but after a long time using this rom, had problems with after downloading app from google play, formerly market, the phone lags big time, and my sd card, kingmax is the brand gets formatted and most of the times instead of around 7gb total size, it is mounted as 238 something mb, which I believe is the ext partition, and had to re partition SD card to work again, losing precious files if I forgot to backup, and it happens every month, did not happen again for some time after I stopped using SD card booster, but now after a random reboot, files from dowload folder, dcim are gone and some are corrupted. may be my cheap sd card is the problem, what is the best sd card brand for z71? reverting back to ea7.1 now

  12. mohamed

    the link doesn’t work :S

  13. Tenzin

    recently rooted my phone and installed the CM7.1 ROM for Motorola XT502…when i try to open root explorer i get a message saying it cannot be enabled..and make sure the device is rooted….what could be the problem as z4root recognizes the phone as rooted but some other apps dont….please help…

  14. siddarth

    Hey, the tom works fine, but just 1 major issue. something’s horribly gone wrong with my connectivity. i only have signal when im outside i.e when there are no buildings or trees, else there is absolutely no coverage. everything else is working just fine. Pleassssssssssssse help

  15. Frostbitez

    +1 to WiFi portable hotspot problem… when it’s open security (without WPA2 key) its work fine.. but after i changed it to WPA2-PSK key security (with WPA2 key given) its always become unavailable (not detected by other devices).. any solutions?

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