Google Chromebooks – this June!

Google Chromebook coming out this June

A long time ago, I wrote an introductory note on Google Chrome OS for netbooks. Well, this June is the time when these Chromebooks will hit the market, for good.

Google Chromebook coming out this June

Unfortunately, these Chromebooks are from Samsung and Acer. Don’t people prefer better brands? May be it’s just the perception that keeps these brands alive. If you are in the UK, USA, France, Germany, Italy Netherlands and Spain, go here to order/get notified. It’s not quite understandable why emerging markets (India and China) are not targeted first for these kind of products. May be they are priced in the US $800 (INR 36,000) range?

Hope to see the Chrome OS being ported to netbooks from Asus.

Pic source: Chromebook

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  1. asanandan anandan

    Nice product from google , but wait to see in india as you told. Anyway thanks for posting this.

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