How to get free broadcast TV at home and save a bundle

free broadcast tv

Guest post by Sara Parker

Free broadcast TV is bad news for satellite TV providers in my area – or so I’d think, right? I mean, if I can buy a digibox or freeview box and get what I want when I want without having to pay then why would I bother having satellite or cable?

free broadcast tvLet’s start by telling you how to get free broadcast TV in your area – as if you didn’t know already. You have two options – watch shows after they have been broadcast, on the internet. This requires that you know what sites to go to get your shows – simple, the ones run by the TV stations. Simply keep a list of your favourite TV stations in your favourites bar and watch your top shows when they become available for free.

Note, though, that you are still paying your internet connection costs, so it isn’t free at all. You just think it is because you aren’t directly paying a TV subscription package.

The other method, which lets you get current programming and quite a few stations (around 30, in my area) without paying a monthly subscription, is the freeview box. The freeview box gives you normal (i.e. the old terrestrial) channels plus selected highlights. In my case, I get a few offerings from satellite TV providers in my area plus the old five.

Again, though – I have to pay a TV licence, so it isn’t free at all. Ultimately, all that’s happening is that I am getting a remarkably small slice of the programming I could be getting, still paying a TV licence and hardly ever watching anything because all the interesting stuff is owned by subscription packages. It’s the old story I’m afraid – anything that’s free, unless it’s air (and even that is polluted half the time) is generally rubbish.

That said, freeview is ideal for people like me, who don’t have a great deal of money and would like to watch TV every now and then. Though to be honest I prefer the model whereby I just wait until stuff I really want is available online, and then watch on my PC.

Satellite TV providers in my area offer a number of different packages that include internet use (some offer home phone as well). I’m thinking of investigating further and taking one up – then I’ll have a much wider selection of channels to watch on my TV, and I’ll even be able to watch my streamed online media content on the HDTV too. At the moment, it’s just sitting there with a freebox under it, waiting for something remotely interesting to come on – so I might as well look into multi play packages from satellite providers to see how much they cost.

See, when you switch your internet to a satellite TV provider you often find that it works out pretty cost-effective to get yourself TV packages as well. It’s in the company’s interest to entice you into consuming all of your entertainment and communications needs from the same place, after all. So when you get fed up of the poor coverage and tiny amount of channels you get on your own freeview, have a look around.

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Sara Parker is a Freelance and Staff writer who writes informative & creative articles on Television and Technology. Her expertise is in writing articles related to Satellite TV providers, Satellite TV deals, Satellite Connections, etc.

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