Sport is like religion for many. The fans will go to any length to acquire tickets for every match of the sport they like, worship their favorite players and follow every bit of news about them. Not only that, some might even make a ‘worship place’ for their favorite sport of player, with huge posters on the walls and different items bearing the photos or insignia of the team they are crazy about.

Smartphone app developers have also tapped into this huge industry of sports applications. They have come up with number of apps for fans of football, golf, tennis and other sports. Some of the popularly used are laid out below:

1. At Bat

This app – darling of most sports fans round the world – is an official app of Major League Baseball. At Bat offers different games, statistics, re-telecast and highlights of games, radio broadcasts and commentary of your favourite games and players. Users of all major smartphone operating systems can download this app from App Store and Google Play for $9.99.

2. Nike+Basketball

If you are one of those sports fans who not only watches but also plays their favourite game with the same fervor, then this is the app for you. Nike+Basketball app operates like a personal coach – helping you with your training, timings and lags in training to test your performance. Users can download this app for free from the App Store, but it will only work if its synchronized with shoes having Nike+Sport technology.

3. ESPN ScoreCenter

No matter what sport you follow or play, I am sure ESPN is the source of your complete sport entertainment and information. Now, get updated about every sport news and happening with ESPN ScoreCenter – an app designed and developed for sports crazies – giving you scores, statistics update, notifications, analysis and every important news from across the world.

4. NFL Sunday Ticket

This app is appropriate for NFL lovers, which is brought to you by Direc TV. You can get this app from App Store and Google Play – bringing you the highlights, scores and stats. Although the app is available for free, but if you want the connection of DirecTV NFL Sunday, then you would have to subscribe to the service for $300.

5. RunKeeper

This app is the most successful sports and fitness app in the App Store and Google App. with more than 10 million users this app is rated very high among the fitness crazies because of the numerous features that it has to offer. This app offers the user to record their exercise routine, stats, results of different workout sessions and the fitness goals you have set. Users can download this app for free from app stores.


This app is specially developed for soccer fans and football clubs. KYCK gives its users accurate news and updates about football matches and any relevant news related to the players. The updates given on the app resembles that of Twitter. This app is available for free in Google App store.

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