My LockScreen, developed by BrilliantVision, is undoubtedly a good Windows Phone lock screen app. However, this app is only for Windows Phone 8, which already has lock screen options baked into the OS itself. Would have made much more sense if only BrilliantVision had the vision to develop one for Windows Phone 7 too that is currently devoid of built-in lock screen customizations.

My Lockscreen Windows Phone 8 app

Developers ignoring the Windows Phone 7 platform is definitely not setting a good precedent for things to come in the next 4 months. What say you? Well, Microsoft has to be blamed for this platform confusion.

Update: Andy Stumpp of BrilliantVision has responded on the Windows Phone 7 development:


Of course, I’m currently working on a WP7 version πŸ™‚ The only thing is that WP7 does not allow setting the lock screen automatically from an app. But WP7 users could get nice collages anyway πŸ™‚

It’s developers like Andy that keep the Windows Phone 7 platform alive and kicking!

Windows Phone 7 users may want to try Metro Lockscreen Creator or Metro Wall in the meanwhile.