MYGingerB ROM on Motorola XT502 – REVIEW

MYGingerB ROM review

The enormous amount of interest generated by this MYGingerB ROM pushed me to install and test this ROM on my Motorola XT502. Though this ROM is based on the latest CyanogenMod 7.1, I thought it’s best to do a full wipe and then install this to avoid the usual annoying problems like FCs and reboots.

MYGingerB ROM review

The latest changelog says that the ROM now comes with SuperAOSP 8.6 AW as the default kernel. However, I flashed it with an Ubuntu-based kernel (EAv6) as I’m really pleased with its battery drain stats.


  • Fluid performance – didn’t notice any lag
  • Default Gingerbread launcher – fast and lovely!
  • Better memory management – features RAM optimizer from juwe11
  • Great battery life (with the Ubuntu kernel)
  • Nice splash-screen animation – won’t hurt your eyes
  • No illegal reboots
  • Camera is slightly, but noticeably faster than stock CM7.1
  • Quad score @600 MHz on-demand – 898
  • Quad score @672 MHz on-demand – 1004


  • Wi-Fi performance was not as expected – was expecting it to be better than the stock CyanogenMod version. May be it’s just my phone!
  • Volume rocker wake is missing (I use it a lot)because it’s primarily designed for Spice MI 300?
  • Signal fluctuations when on 3G – over optimized for Malaysian networks?

So, it’s time to install this ROM on your phone…

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  1. Angelictears

    Thanks for the review bro 😀 
    A note of volume rocker. It can be enable via Cyanogenmod Settings under Input submenu. I disable it by default as it may unlock user’s phone when adjusting volume while in pocket (while listening to music for example). Will include wifi and 3G patch on next update. 
    Dev blog here

  2. Anonymous

    Nice ROM. Working fine for last 4+ hours. Any idea how can I change the menu icons to colored one like Phantom? If I flash it with Ubuntu Kernel then is that going to remove any of smoothness?

  3. Anonymous

    This is turning out to be the BEST Gingerbread ROM I have used. I will give it more points than CM7.1. I have been using it for 2 days now.

    What is good:
    – No freezes/lags
    – Very good battery life too is great (original kernel) I am on second day of usage now.
    – Auto brightness is good
    – Overall smooth experience
    – Better memory management

    Issues faced so far:
    – Could not connect to camera device. Faced it once. I don’t use camera that frequently 🙂
    – Wifi sometimes does not work as expected. That is the problem with kernel (can live with it)

    Thanks @3263c8c7e03cdc23adc0638d09f26b78:disqus again for all your efforts.

  4. Jagadeeshwaran K

    Can you help me with flashing Ubuntu based kernel? The link provided above is for CM7 with Ubuntu based kernel.


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