Nokia Lumia lost underwater for 3 months, still works!

Nokia Lumia 800 underwater

Nokia Lumia 800 underwater

Nokia has a history and reputation for designing hardy phones that take a lot of damage before breaking. Miraculously, a Nokia Lumia 800 was lost in a lake and then found about three and a half months LATER. What’s really amazing is that the phone still booted up and worked. Treating your phone like this isn’t recommended, but it goes to show that Nokia knows how to design a tough phone.

Indestructible Nokia 3310, and Lumia 800!

As you may or may not know, Nokia already has a history of coming up with indestructible mobile phones – or at least as close as you can hope to get. Over at KnowYourMeme they detail all of the Internet memes dealing with the Nokia 3310 – a flip phone that may go down in the mobile history books. The good news is that this isn’t the only phone from Nokia that’s known for being rugged, sturdy and dependable.

Case in point – Roger Nilsson from Sweden who lost his Nokia Lumia 800 in a lake. According to the Nokia Sweden, he found it later wedged between two rocks. While it was covered with slime, muck and more, the phone started up and worked fine. This is despite the fact the Lumia 800 is not rated as being water resistant! He was as surprised as everyone else according to reports. Nokia has been using the story for marketing and PR, but it appears to be true.

On the one hand you might be thinking it’s a one in a million chance of the phone still working, but if you do some research it’s easy to see that Nokia has a history of making tough phones. For the price, it’s hard to get something as secure – unless you’re buying military grade mobile phones. That’s not possible for most people, however, so if you’re looking for a mobile that will stand up to the battles that rage in your life on a daily basis, you need to check out the Nokia 800.

This doesn’t mean you should take your Nokia out and do some damage to it intentionally to see if it will survive, of course, but it’s nice to know that you’re buying a smartphone that can stand up to a lot of damage before breaking. While Nilsson’s experience is possibly unique, there are likely a lot of other stories on the Internet – and some of the other might be true. The fact that this Nokia Lumia 800 was still working after months in the elements is nothing short of amazing in the modern world with our disposable culture.

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