OptimusXperia – Xperia themed ROM for Motorola XT502

After a long pause to CM7 (Android 2.3.7)-based ROMs for Motorola XT502 (and Commtiva Z71 clones), there’s this nice looking one – thanks to Dipesh Ramnani!

Xperia Optimus ROM based on CM7

If you’re a fan of the Xperia user interface (famously known as the Sony Ericsson UX/UI experience), you will love this ROM. Well, it doesn’t do justice to view this ROM as just another skinned-version. This ROM actually adds a few features which we Commtiva-Z71-clone-users would have never experienced.

Key features:

  • Xperia Arc Launcher
  • Timescape UI (3-D) and widgets
  • Updated drivers for better performance and stability
  • Walkman music player
  • SuperCharger RAM script (I still prefer the RAM Manager)
  • New boot-animation
  • Suitable with most kernels – I recommend the ones from Edgar

Installation is straight forward – it’s just a backup file, and you need to restore it using ClockWorkMod Recovery (ROM Manager).

IMPORTANT: You must use the latest Recovery to restore this from the backup. Download it from here and flash it using this simple method.

BUGS as mentioned by Dipesh: Music stuttering – this can be solved by using this method or this one with overclocked with one of the kernels mentioned above.

DOWNLOAD LINKS – Dropbox | Mediafire | more info

Have fun, and share your experience!


  1. Tahawk Kenpachi

    recently im pretty sure saw a tutorial for flashing cmw recovery using android terminal from ur blog.. but today i cant found it.. did ur write that tutorial??

    • Yes, I did write that tutorial. I have updated the post with the link to the latest recovery image and the tutorial. Please take a look ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Kaustubh Gaonkar

        hey I got a MD5 mismatch any solutions?????

        • MD5 mismatch – you’ve changed something inside the archive or the file you downloaded is damaged. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Kaustubh Gaonkar

            Yeah I accidentally renamed one file got it working now…..
            pretty decent ROM but I came up with a very strange kind of bug…
            In this ROM I can not install Whatsapp not from market neither from an apk file when I search whatsapp on the market it doesn’t shows whatsapp but shows whatsapp wallpaper app quite strange
            Any solutions?????

          • Though it’s ported from xperia, the base is CM7. So, no idea why the app doesn’t show up. Go to recovery and wipe dalvik cache, and try again.

          • Kaustubh Gaonkar

            Its of no use still I cant install whatsapp or LINK…..:(

          • Are you getting “package unsigned: cannot verify” error?

  2. Excited to try this–about time for something interesting on the good ol z71.ย 

    Both links you have for the rom are dead; I found the live link for mediafire on the original blog post. Look hereย

    • The mediafire link you’ve listed is the same that I’ve on the post (I did download..). The dropbox one has a limit for free accounts – get’s suspended if there’re too many downloads in a given day…

      Are you trying this ROM?

      • Argh. I lost my comment.ย 

        The mediafire link you have adds a referral link or something to the beginning, and brings me to a dead link on your site.ย
        Yeah, I’m trying to try it. I’m supposed to extract the zipped file to the root of my SD, is that right? It doesn’t work without extracting, but I can’t extract it either. Does it need a password to extract?ย 

        I’m now running CM7, and have CWM running. Any suggestions

        • I notice. Thanks for pointing that out! Looks like a bug in WordPress..this has happened twice in the past.

          You need to extract it on your computer. Put the folder into the backup foder under clockworkmod. Restart in recovery and restore that backup.

          • Still can’t get it to work. It seemed like it wasn’t unzipping correctly, so I actually downloaded a different extraction program. (Hey–I was desperate!) I got the file to extract, and placed it in the backup folder, “installed it” from recovery, and it still didn’t work. Tried it from several ROMs. No go.

            I think there’s something with the extraction process I’m missing.ย 

            On an unrelated note, I went back to a CM7 ROM, just for fun after being on 2.2 for a month or two. Yech. I love the features, but the poor wifi, stupid long-press on menu button error, low battery life, and weird rotation issues are about to make me run back to the reliable arms of Phantom. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • What’s the error message you get when you try to restore via recovery? Hope you’re using the latest recovery that I have mentioned in the post?

            I’m still waiting for CM9… ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. manz

    I cant install foursquare on this rom. Any workaround for this problem?

    • Go to recovery, wipe dalvik cache and try again

      • manz

        Not working, I already clear dalvik cache, reflash the rom, wipe data, wipe cache partition, try install via apk file. All were not succesful

  4. Wahed

    I downloaded the dropbox link… it is just cyanogen mod… no xperia or timeline ui…

    • The dropbox link is from the author of this ROM. I think I’ve mentioned the contact details; please drop him a mail.

  5. MOnu_ZEus

    Hello, Can I know how much of free phone memory I’ll get after installing this ROM??(No user Apps has been installed)

  6. Joel

    need help……..i extracted the backup file and clicked to restore it in cwm recovery…but it wont flash ony…it says cannot find system.img
    cannot find data.img…and then it says succesfully flashed..but it boots up to the previous rom…
    please help!!

  7. Joel

    ya i already tried that…..but it(terminal emu) says
    flash_image : command not found
    any other way?

  8. Joel

    ok ive installed this rom….took a lot of diggin but now it starts
    status bar says preparing sd card…..then the phone freezes….it totally hangs…
    never started
    only works properly when i remove the sdcard and start the phone….
    pls help..

    • Well, this is the bane of open source and Android. Not all ROMs may suit your phone. If it doesn’t work, it will never work… I’m afraid you’ve to look for another suitable ROM for your Z71 clone ๐Ÿ™

  9. Joel

    after tremendous efforts……it got flashed on my phone…just some minor probs….timesape and infinite mode wont work….any solutions??
    i use moto xt502

  10. fightergod

    hey joel is ua problem solved?
    evn i hav a xt502…and did whatsapp and other apps work?

  11. Gokul

    I have rooted my moto XT502.
    And by mistake my default android market s crashed.Now i cant download & update any App. from android market. s der any way to solve dis problm ?

  12. bayani de loza

    i have a motorola xt502 my son tried how many times to unlock pattern my phone, now it is showing to to unlock sign in to goggle your email add and password, i tried how many but i cant sign in, how i reset my phone?

  13. bayani de loza

    how i re start my phone motorola xt502 it is showing sign in email add and password to the screen but i cant sign in

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