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Apple Inc, the manufacturer of the iPhone, has without doubt come a long way in creating great apps for all occasions. The software that is in place in this device ensures that diverse functions are achieved and they mostly include GPS navigation, a wide range of games, security, advertising, social networking, etc. The iPhone is a phone that is composed of 4 generations, with each having additional features that are technologically advanced than its predecessor. Social networking has become more like a necessity than a luxury at the present moment which is why most people usually prefer to be connected even while driving. The iPhone app that has been designed to enable social networking in cars could not have come at any better time on this regard. Now, with the launch of Plateside you have the opportunity to get connected with your friends while updating your status or even sharing great photos on Facebook, Twitter, etc when driving.

Plateside iPhone app

The iPhone App is quite futuristic owing to the reason that it offers drivers with a wide range of functions for social networking in cars. First and foremost, this is an app that has been uniquely designed and integrated with the computers found in most vehicles on the road to give you the best networking experience ever. You will have the opportunity of communicating with other car fanatics as soon as events unfold while on the road. For instance, you can immediately let your friends know about a sleek car that you have spotted on the road, and even provide photo evidence for them, immediately rather than having to wait until you get home to do so. Conversely, you can also let them know of the bad behaviors that are ongoing on the roads executed by selfish drivers who normally ignore traffic rules. Another great aspect of this app is that it is incorporated with a brilliant road rage aspect and this means that you can finally get the chance of being king, or queen for that matter, since you will have added advantage over others on the road.

Motor heads normally require the assistance of auto-fixation so that they may be able to drive in a stress free manner. This is a functionality of the this Apparatus that ensures any mechanical problems are identified as soon as they occur so that you can take the necessary measures in preventing worsening of the situation. When using this app, you will also be able to collect info from other drivers just by putting in their license plate numbers. This comes in handy especially when you have spotted a classy car or even a gorgeous driver and want to communicate with them. All that you will be required to do in such an instance is to enter the license plate info on the iPhone App which will act as the address and you can then send the message that you want to put across thereafter. However, the other car owner will be unable to receive the message unless they also have the app installed. Al in all, caution must be exercised since using a phone while driving usually distracts you.

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