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Facebook and internet usage

Guest post by Ruben Corbo

In a tracking survey conducted by the Pew Research Center, American activity on the net has consistently proven to be primarily for information searching and email in the years between 2002 and 2011. While email tends to be the most popular activity for internet users in the US, an astonishingly close second, search activities, has tied in the ninety second percentile. The most recent of the search surveys conducted was between April 26th and May 22nd of this year.

Facebook and internet usage

Less popular, but not at all unmentionable, are the practice of news seeking and the increasingly popular social networking activities. At seventy-six and seventy-one percent, respectively, these activities seem to be on the rise recently. Most notable, and valuable to internet service providers, is the rise of social networking out of nowhere in 2005, and its steady increase in popularity due to the mix of professional and personal information that can be transferred through this particular and unique online resource.

While Pew has cited information from the research project throughout the entire study period, most recent activity for email research has not been recorded since November of 2010.

In the survey of email users, the study cites an astounding sixty-one percent of users checking email inboxes at least once a day. Fifty nine percent of internet users search for at least one term every day. Search and email are considered a habit by Pew, who states that in 2002 only forty-nine percent of users were emailing daily, while search engine use has jumped from twenty-nine percent in 2002.

In a comprehensive data base of results of the poll show that ninety-two percent of all adults on the internet have used search engines at some point in time. Compare to this statistic the fifty-nine percent who use this service on a typical day. Sixty one percent of daily users are men, primarily Caucasian, between the ages of eighteen and twenty-nine. The chart also shows that common users, around seventy-five percent of them, are college educated.

Higher income brackets seem to correspond with daily internet search use, as seventy-eight percent of Americans whose household income is over 75,000 dollars use searches daily while thirty-eight percent of the bracket at 30,000 dollars or less use the average internet service providers to search every day.

internet usage in the USA

Comparisons between ethnicities show that there is a marginally small difference in the usage between Caucasians, African-Americans, and Hispanics, at sixty, fifty-seven, and forty-eight percent, respectively. Relatively speaking, the differences are mostly miniscule, where Hispanics, elderly, and those in a 30,000 dollar or less income bracket are the most unusual from a statistical standpoint.

For the most part, about eighty percent of Americans have used the internet to search, check email, or see the news within the last eight to ten years. Most Americans use the internet as a resource for information on a daily basis. This poll is based on adult volunteers between the ages of eighteen and seventy-five years old. The final results and more information can be found in the report filed by The Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project tracking team.

Since 2002 the findings of this particular survey have been a steady increase in internet use for the average American. Charts and text indicate a continuous rise in use of the internet for everyday life, and especially in search engine use, email, and recently in social networking. This means these activities are quickly growing to be everyday resources for information and connection in the American life, and we can expect that they will continue to grow as trends increase.

This is a guest article by Ruben Corbo, a writer for the website Broadband Expert where you can find internet service providers in your area and compare prices on different deals for your mobile broadband needs.

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