Photography has progressed by leaps and bounds over the past few decades. Today’s generation is all about digital pictures using either a point-and-shoot camera or DSLR. Printers have been constant companions of photographers in current times. Their utility evolved when photographers started experimenting with their clicked pictures. These days a good photographer believes in post-processing the picture, so they have started investing in laser printers by Dell or other major manufacturers with a photo-printing feature. However, not all photographers are professionally inclined. Many people just wish to capture the moment to preserve the good old times. A Polaroid camera used to generate pictures in seconds after being clicked. Many people miss this charm in the current era, so to put a smile on millions of faces, Polaroid has created a printer that will achieve the shoot-and-print feature.

The printer is as big as the size of a hand and can print pictures in 30 seconds. The time is not comparable to the Polaroid of the past, but nonetheless the printer is completely portable. The printer is able to connect to phones via Bluetooth. Send a picture to the printer and within 30 seconds you will get a glossy hardcopy of your photograph. The images are credit card size, approximately 2-by-3 inches. It can connect to your camera via cables. The printer was introduced at a price of $150 in the market.

Unlike traditional printers that carry toners and cartridges, this lightweight and compact printer uses a computer chip, a 2-inch long print head and a paper that has very minute layers of dye, giving color to your photograph. So how does the printer function? Whenever an image is transferred to the printer from a cell phone or camera, the pixel information is converted into heat by the computer chip. When the paper passes the print head, the head activates the dye, which results in beautiful and colorful images.

These days all phones have good quality cameras; thus, it is only natural for people to take pictures wherever they go. This has been the driving force behind the creation of the portable printer. The only glitch that the manufacturer found is the question of whether people are really interested in generating an instant print of pictures. Most people these days take pictures to share on a social networking sites or share with friends via emails. Unlike the old times, today’s options are not limited when it comes to sharing pictures.

This small hiccup, however, has not dampened the spirits of manufacturers. They expect to find a target audience in real estate agents who may need pictures of the properties they plan to negotiate on. Additionally, the portable printer is thought to be useful in social gatherings or wedding ceremonies, as well as among teenagers who may want to exchange printed pictures. If the potential market is tapped, the printer is capable of printing pictures for less than a dollar. The battery-operated printer can produce up to 15 shots, while the cost of each sheet is around 35 to 40 cents. The prints are borderless with an adhesive backing, so if you are a Polaroid fan, then this printer is worth a try.


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