Samsung Omnia M S7530 – pricing?

Samsung Omnia M S7530

This is the time when Windows Phone buyers are not welcoming Microsoft’s ‘NO WINDOWS PHONE 8’ for older devices. This is the time when first time Windows Phone buyers would look at Samsung’s newest Omnia M S7530 specs and think it will be priced at Rs. 13,000. This is the time when an e-commerce site like makes the phone available for Rs. 16,400. Flipkart’s pricing at Rs. 15,900. Prices will come down, but…?

Half-baked specs – 1GHz processor and 384 MB RAM; 4GB internal memory? The user available memory would be 2.3 GB? It’s not the 1.4 GHz processor and 512 MB RAM specifications that came with the brilliant Omnia W, which was priced at Rs. 15, 200. What happens to app-compatibility for Omnia M’s specs? No info on this…

Well, this is the time when buyers will think twice before going for Samsung Omnia M. This M or Nokia Lumia 610? When it comes to Windows Phone, buyers are looking for a real deal. Real deal if Omnia M is priced at Rs. 13, 200.


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  1. pavan

    does this phone have hd video recording facility and external micro sd card facility.

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