Slide Screen 2 beta 10 – available for download!

Slide Screen 2 beta 10 download available

There are quite a few home replacement options available for your Android phone. But, have you tried Slide Screen? Slide Screen, from Larva Labs takes a radical approach to Android home screen.

UPDATE: Sad news: The end of SlideScreen!

Slide Screen 2 beta 10 download available

When you wake up the phone, you see the latest information from all of the sources, starting from missed calls, calendar entries, messages, mails to Facebook, Twitter and Google reader updates. Yes, all in one screen, where the center bar with cell and weather information slides up and down. Another notable, well thought off feature is that the phone and message bars hide themselves when there’s nothing to notify – no new message or missed call.

After using Slide Screen, I’m no more missing the multiple home screens with widget functionalities. Well, it’s a matter of personal taste. People who are used to the iPhone interface will say “this looks cramped!”. I prefer to move away from the usual, how-so-boring home screens.

Though the development is slow, with no major feature updates during the past 4 months, Slide Screen looks promising. Refreshing too! Should look very good on Android phones with full black panel finish.

DOWNLOAD | info on plugins…

Pic source: Slide Screen


  1. I’m really enjoying using this as my home screen. I thought I would miss the widgets and easy access to apps, but I really don’t mind it. 

    On my 2.3 SuperAOSP ROM, there’s a bit of lag, but still, I’m quite pleased. Thanks for sharing!

    • Yes, it’s truly a radical approach to home screen, right? I’m loving it; glad that you’re too!

      Btw, just try the new SuperAosp 8.6 ROM (check latest blog post). It’s good 🙂

  2. I find this slide screen quite amazing and I will definitely
    try it soon however as I can see it’s still in beta right, did you encounter
    any problem using it? I hope they have fixed all the bugs to that when I download
    it for my phone I’ll have no problem using it. Thanks!

    • You’re a bit too late to the game. SlidScreen is shutting down. No more developments. However, you can still use the beta versions!

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