Google plus logoWith Google’s launch of their Google+ social network, they have struggled to make a serious argument as to why users should switch over from Facebook. The site is gaining a great deal of traffic and new users every day, but still fails in comparison to Facebook’s popularity for sharing information with close friends. Because of the lack of clutter, Google+ can be seen as the more professional out of the two websites. Google+ allows for extremely articulate posts which can include several types of media.

While many professionals, writers, and artists are still catching on to Google+, the company is also banking on the entertainment market in the form of social games. Facebook has earned over $1 billion over the past year based on their games, and Google+ is looking to break into some of the market share. While Facebook is a pioneer in the social gaming industry, Google+ has taken their mistakes and built their own infrastructure around them.

Better Organization

The most frustrating thing about playing games on Facebook is the lack of organization. There are people from over 190 different countries developing games for Facebook trying to compete with each other. If you do not turn your notifications off, the applications will send you invites from everyone asking you to join in on their game in a way to compete for more players. Google+ eliminates this problem by having a separate tabs for conversations and game notifications.

Google will likely look to its Android operating system in order to integrate games onto powerful mobile gaming devices like the Galaxy S2 cell phone. With this seamless integration into a customized device, finding and playing games with the Google+ app will streamline your experience.

The Less is More Concept

A lot of the games that get onto Facebook are programmed by developers just looking to make a buck. There is no filter when it comes to what gets released on the Facebook game network. Google+ Games launched in August with only sixteen different titles such as Cityville, Zynga Poker, Angry Birds, and Bejeweled. What Google+ lacks in quantity, they make up for in quality. Having only a handful of developers and fewer games makes the experience less confusing for users.

Cheaper Online Currency Exchanges

One of the biggest moneymakers for online game developers is the sale of items in the game. In order to advance to new levels, beat other players, and get high-scores, users must shell over some money for upgrades. The games may initially be free, but if you get wrapped up into them, you’re going to spend some money.

While Google+ is still trying to break into the market, they are offering cheaper commissions from developers in order to attract titles. According to ZDNet, Google+ is charging a 5% commission while Facebook charges 30%. For gamers, this means cheaper upgrades and more fun.

While the sole purpose of Google+ is yet to be determined by users, the Gaming feature of the network seems to be a torch leading the way for the rest of the site. The social gaming market is still an untapped landscape and it will be fun to see who ultimately comes out on top.