The best kernel for Cliq/Dext – performance and battery life!

If you’re using the CM7 nightly for your Motorola Cliq/Dext, you should check the improvised kernel from Nelson Giordano. Firstly, this kernel features a new governor, Smartass V2, which does an excellent job in balancing system performance and battery consumption. I was never a fan of the original Smartass governor that lead to really annoying problems like the music stutter.

Smartass V2 stands out. Two full days with heavy talking, Wi-Fi and EDGE usage! I have been using this since 2nd October – no force closures, no freezes, no reboots. Never come across such a lovely kernel! Wish Nelson had produced such efficient kernels for Commtiva Z71 devices too.

DOWNLOAD, flash using ClockworkMod recovery and enjoy! The latest nightlies (CM7) have this kernel.


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